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Hey guys!

I would like to ask you for your help, opinions and ideas regarding our crypto project Arbolet - Czech monopoly in cryptocurrency which is currently trying to expand abroad and attain international influence as well.

Arbolet offers security, a simple and user-friendly graphical interface, the ability to manage an account in USD, GBP or other fiat currencies which is appreciated by beginners that are not yet familiar with cryptocurrencies.

However, one of the key components of Arbolet is its sophisticated learning system where beginners gradually learn how to handle and work with Bitcoin and use it effectively. This is done with quizzes and educational articles.

Furthermore, there is a system of rolling layer investments - where each active member can unlock individual layers after specific tasks are completed for each layer.
Each layer then offers certain benefits and appreciation rate for funds - rising up to 21% on the 5th layer.

And anonymization is executed due to the system of A-Gate, which is a tool across’s network of accounts, therefore, any person can use it to divide transactions on their own or any other Arbolet account, effectively eliminating any tracking Bitcoin addresses in Blockchain.

In few words, the mission of Arbolet is to make bitcoin easier and more accessible for everyone and if you could please find a moment to check this project out and provide us a feedback for improvements and ideas, we would be really grateful!

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Thank you!