Become a CryptoBeers organiser in your city 🍻


What is Cryptobeers?

CryptoBeers are a fun evening for beginners and novices in the cryptocurrency community to get together, face-to-face, in a casual setting to discuss various topics that keep the crypto world busy all the while enjoying a fresh beer (or cola).

CryptoBeers are no pointless networking events, instead they are structured to get you discussing interesting standpoints, adoption issues & innovations in the space.

When you leave for home a little more knowledgeable and enlightened, and not too forget, with a bunch of new friends, then the mission of CryptoBeers has been accomplished!

Let’s enjoy a drink, get together and discuss the money of the future. We hope to see you at one of the CryptoBeers events happening globally organised by the Cryptominded community.

Organised by you.

CryptoBeers are organised by community members of Cryptominded community and is a global initiative. Therefore, CryptoBeers should be easy to organise and will receive the support from Cryptominded members & founder in terms of promotion to the community, and finding suitable venues.

How does it work?

  1. Want to organise a CryptoBeers in your city? Just let us know so we can set-up the Meetup page for the events in that city.
  2. You’ll be invited to the private chat with other CryptoBeers organisers from around the world where we’ll share learnings and the fun we had!
  3. You’ll receive some CryptoBeers & Cryptominded swag soon after :slight_smile:
  4. We’ll help you contact venues and provide you with support getting a good deal (we intend to keep these events free of charge and free to organise)
  5. Cryptominded & community will help to promote the CryptoBeers event and present you as the organiser
  6. We’ll provide you with an example structure for the evening and we’ll share learnings as a community to make these CryptoBeers fun, informative and exciting evenings every. single. time.

Why become a Cryptobeers organiser?

Because you’re awesome.

Week 4 - Weekly Recap & Community update


Definitely interested in helping organize and get the ball rolling on CryptoBeers, here in NYC. Have a very busy February, but can start as early as March or April.


That’s awesome, let’s chat. I shall send you a DM :slight_smile:!


Dylan - your default address is “noreply@…” so of course I would get a bounce. A brief rundown here would be great, since that might be useful for other people, and you and I can follow up on the phone directly, next week. Thanks, Dean


I’m definitely looking forward to this. Getting learning experience while organising events! What more can one ask for :smile:


Hey how about Initialbeeroffering instead? I have domain to do something like that if you want or


Hello,Definitely interested in helping organize and get the ball rolling on CryptoBeers, here in China


Hello,what can I do?


Lets do it! Here in Atlanta


Hi there, I’m interested to become an organizer of a CryptoBeer in Berlin :smiley:
What is the next step?


I’d love to set one up in Toronto. Let me know if you’re interested!


Hi! I’m in Monroe, LA and would love to set up a cryptobeers meeting here.


If you are interested in building community base in Japan. I’m here in Fukuoka City.


I´m from México and i will be glad to be part of the team doing some CryptoBeers in Guadalajara Jalisco


I like this idea, but my native city is too small for the event like this


I agree. And I think that people should be motivated to meet up, so it is kind of hard to organise.


If you’re going to organize anything like this, better to post on meetup as well to interact more people to join, any upcoming meetings in London?


ahh thanks! I read it to the end to find out I’m awesome. Very nice. Anything happening in Berlin?


Hi! Is anybody from Warsaw in here?