Benefits of security tokens

  1. Security Ownership – The tokens come with solid ownership rights thus the token acts as shares in a project

  2. Cost reduction – No need for human brokers, therefore fewer costs.

  3. Asset trading – The tokens received can also be used to purchase other crypto assets.

  4. 24/7 trading - STO’s are highly desirable than other traditional crowdfunding because it provides the ability to trade the tokens at any time.

  5. Faster trading - The automation of KYC and liquidity will make the process of buying and selling the security tokens in a fast manner.

  6. Cost effective - Comparing to other traditional methods of investing, STO comes with zero cost for buying and selling tokens. This reduces cost will tend people to generate a larger amount of return.

  7. Global trading - The high level of liquidity will make security tokens to be eligible for trading globally. This allows every people around the world to access them.

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I believe STO is too young market and has the big risk for both business and investor


What are the differences between security and just initial tokens? :flushed: