Bitcoin Resources


Here are some great resources for Bitcoin investing including guides, wallets, exchanges, ICO’s and more.


Thank you so much! THat’s useful for a newbie


Can anyone advice other useful resources to learn?


You should check Bitcointalk forum! They have a lot of useful info!


Maybe you know any other good forums?


Altcoins talk! It also covers a variety of topics!


Yes, I’ve found some


Okay, thanks. Is it your favourite forum?


Which ones did you like?


Bitcointalk, I think. The members of the community respond fast, there is low percentage of spam and a great variety of topics


I liked the book “Mastering Bitcoin: Programming The Open Blockchain”, but I can’t find it anywhere for free(
I’ve read only the very begining


Great! I got you. Maybe it will be useful for me too.


Here are advices on how to avoid risky investments and spot scams


Indeed, there are several tips of how to get profit from Bitcoin from the beginning of the work. As for me, such details are very useful for both newcomers and professionals.