Blockchain project with a real-world social impact - Discussion and Feedback


TOKENIMALS - The world’s first blockchain game with real-world social impact

Have you ever wanted to adopt an animal or donate to an animal shelter? Tokenimals lets you do this in a novel way! Buy a token, set your charity cut, and you will be able to raise money for an organisation that deals with animal protection and global biodiversity. Even more, Tokenimals lets you take an active part in designating the receiving organisation!

These digital collectibles are unique, non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Each collectible represents an animal that you can buy and keep track of on our platform. By purchasing a collectible, you acquire ownership of the token, and part of the purchase price paid for the token is then transferred to the previous owner. The other part, called “Charity Cut” (set by the previous owner) will be sent to charities and NGOs dealing with the conservation of animals. This feature makes Tokenimals the world’s first blockchain game with a real-world social impact.

WHAT IS A “CHARITY CUT”? Upon purchasing a collectible, you will be able to set a charity cut, which will define the percentage you wish to donate to the organisations. Our smart contract is designed so that the charity cut will be taken and forwarded to the beneficiary organisations once the next person buys your collectible.

WHERE DOES YOUR CONTRIBUTION GO? Here, you have a big say! We are partnering up with leading organisations from all over the world dealing with endangered animal species and global biodiversity. Each week we will hold a vote, where you will be able to decide which organisation you want to help that week. The donation from the “charity cut” of each transaction will be forwarded to the organisation’s Ethereum address. The contributions will be forwarded on a weekly basis as soon as we reach 1 ETH.

Make sure you visit Tokenimals, compete with other social blockchain enthusiasts to get ahead on the leaderboard and donate in a fun way! As we are planning to implement other game-like features we are more than happy to receive your feedback and ideas. Stay updated for new releases and be the first who tries them out!

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