Boo tokens are launching soon!


Aloha peeps! I just came to find out this new cryptocurrency called the Boo token, from Boogle. Have anyone heard of it before?

Done some researches and found out that you can start depositing Boo token on 25th Sep, trade and withdrawal service will be open on 26th Sep on DigiFinex. Just signed up an account via Boogle website and realized that you can also earn Boo tokens when you search in the search engine.

Every searches done, you’ll gained 0.001 Boo token into your e-wallet. Played around with the account and also found out that you can even transfer Boo tokens to your friends just by having their account key. Account key is actually a unique string of alphanumeric mixtures that you use it like your bank account number. You’ll also be given a unique string of alphanumeric mixtures to log in to your account, you do not need to remember your username and password like any other platforms.

Boogle even have in-built VPN. Being on blockchain offers users unfiltered access to all sites, subject to country-specific conditions.

Boo Token coming soon on DigiFinex:


But only 0.001 usd per search. If you really wanna invest, i suggest really purchasing it and keep it for the long run. Basically is like investing in stocks.