Boogle (BOO Tokens)


Hi all,

I have heard of this Boo Token from Boogle, their own cryptocurrency. Did some research about it and this is what it is, in summary.

  • Block chain search engine
  • Earn as you search (Rewarded with Boo Token)
  • Users earn Boo Token as well if they click on advertisement
  • Free space in the internet

When I first heard about it, I was skeptical. Earn as you search as a free users? Is like a dream.

So, to answer my own question, I decided to research and try it out for myself.

Found their discord link on reddit and joined. Apparently, there’s a step by step guide to create account in their search engine before we can be credited with boo tokens as we search.

To be honest, the amount is nothing impressive but it’s a good start right. Probably need like 1000 searches before we can hit 1 USD. (They have telegram chat as well, but I don’t use telegram)

Their login code is pretty unique and troublesome. We have to log in via encrypted key given to us. We gotta copy and paste it to somewhere safe because I assume if we lost it, is lost forever (maybe can improve on it like some function where we have secret question or OTP or something)

So far so good, and I am thinking to purchase was wondering would I be one of the few or one of the many that already purchased Boo Tokens?

Boo Token coming soon on DigiFinex:


Hi there, I personally has invested. Last check today their pricing has increased to USD$0.0343 from USD$0.01.

You have to invest long term. So if you have the capability to invest long term, maybe you can try investing early? It might grow in the future. But we’re talking about cryptocurrency here. It fluctuate.


OMFG! LEGIT?! I wanna invest tooooo! Waiting for the price to climb ~


cooooool!!! I am gonna try this too hehe