Boogle's Boo Tokens


Greetings everybody! I read that BOO Token (what a name) is going to be listed on Digifinex It is issued by Boogle, a company based out of Singapore which seems to position themselves as The Next Google Killer. URL:

Seems like a tall order, but interesting.

Things that I like:

  • To create an account on the search platform, a private key will be generated, and we can just log in using that in the future.
  • It doesn’t really ask for my personal details, but I do get to earn tokens by perform searches, albeit a shitty small amount. Would like to see the price of the tokens moon so that it will be even more appealing for users to search.
  • It gives me better search results than **ing Bing.
  • The design and layout is pretty decent.

Things that I **ing hate:

  • It’s in built VPN is currently wonkyAF but when it works it is amazingly fast for a free service.
  • Sometimes an empty results page come up.
  • Would really like text beneath the pictures when I use image search