Crypto exchanges


Hi there, I want to tell you about an upcoming crypto exchange GetEx. It is a regulated by the European Union exchange which provides an opportunity to buy crypto with a card. You can check the website here - to learn more about the project.


Hey, gonna check it. Does it accept both debit and credit cards?
I hope many exchanges will opt for fiat payments in the near future, it’s convenient


For trading exchanges/platforms i use Primexbt, it has leverage up to 100x. I recommend it as it is fast and secure. I prefer it over Bitmex.
For the moment it offers only BTC deposits.


As I heard they accept both debit and credit cards:slight_smile:


Ok, thank you for your advice, I will check Premixbt for sure!


Is Primexbt suitable for newbies?


Yes, that’s true!
Btw, seems like the majority of exchanges prefer to have their interface in blue color, don’t they?


I don’t pay attention to the colour of their interface:)


What do you pay attention to?


Secutiry, fees, bonuses and other useful things


What is the most secure platform inn your opinion?


Gemini, it is one of the most secure platforms


Yeah, I’ve heard of them!
Out of topic, but I like the music band Gemini!

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  2. CRPT Coin Has integrated


Have never heard of it!


And what about the helpers to get more profit on trading? The thing is that I didn’t believe in them. But after I tried , a lot of information became clear for me. And I found all the advantages on using of it.