Crypto exchanges


Hi there, I want to tell you about an upcoming crypto exchange GetEx. It is a regulated by the European Union exchange which provides an opportunity to buy crypto with a card. You can check the website here - to learn more about the project.


Hey, gonna check it. Does it accept both debit and credit cards?
I hope many exchanges will opt for fiat payments in the near future, it’s convenient


For trading exchanges/platforms i use Primexbt, it has leverage up to 100x. I recommend it as it is fast and secure. I prefer it over Bitmex.
For the moment it offers only BTC deposits.


As I heard they accept both debit and credit cards:slight_smile:


Ok, thank you for your advice, I will check Premixbt for sure!


Is Primexbt suitable for newbies?


Yes, that’s true!
Btw, seems like the majority of exchanges prefer to have their interface in blue color, don’t they?