Crypto winter or ZTFO?


And suddenly, 50% of my portfolio value has vanished…

Or maybe not? Do we just need to ZTFO? (zoom the fuck out)

What’s your opinion and how do you foresee the next months developing?


I see this as a much needed correction, shaking out lots of new get-rich-quick speculators. While I love prices shooting up as they did over December, it’s an unhealthy and unsustainable market cap, far too decoupled from the fundamental values. We’re now back to late November levels.

What happens after this I’m not sure. I think there’ll be a lot of traders buying back in which could spark what looks like a recovery. What I’d love to see is a slow but steady increase in value, in line with project roadmaps and news events, and free of pure short-term speculation which only adds volatility.


I’m hoping this will bring a slowdown in rampant ICO speculation - I think some of it may have been fueled by people thinking that their investments were invincible and trying to get even more insane returns. The cryptowinter plus the DJIA over 1k points drop (do investors abroad notice?) will wake a lot of people up.

I’m not worried about crypto, it’ll recover. Hopefully it’ll add some temperament to all the lambo discussions though. Hopefully it’ll also serve as a check - people say ‘I’m only investing what I can afford to lose’ when the price is going up, but when it’s coming down freaking the f*** out. I have a feeling they weren’t being very honest with themselves.