CryptoGalaxy- A New Crypto virtual space Blockchain Game- you gotta try this one


CrytoGalaxy has gained popularity with a fast-growing number of players since its debut in 2018. I wanted to recommend this to the community here to try something cool in crypto gaming.
They both have iOS and Google Play version.

They have active community on telegram and other social medias.


Thanks. I will try. This is something new to me.


Sure man, i hope you will enjoy it. Buying a planet and digging different minerals so that later you can sell them within the game DEX would be hell fun. And they do have support since Cryptogalaxy is acting as a Sub Ecosystem for… anyway have fun


How much does this game cost you, guys? You pay any entry fee?


Is web format availble for this game?


Wow, ok! Sounds really good.


Could you tell me how their community is called on Telegram, please?


There is a link in the post as well


Thanks! I didn’t notice it last time