Ctracker - our crypto trading bot


Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum and would love to be a regular contributor. I’m also new to crypto trading and investing. However, myself and my team created a new app for both iOS and Android that help alerting me to when to buy and what coin to buy. The app is still young but very promising based on few people that have used it. Like everyone, my goal is to make some quick cash each day by getting in at the right time on the right coin and have a certain coin for the long term.
The app is free so there’s nothing to lose. On top of it all we are building so many additional features for this app, and will release them with what everyone looking for.

CTracker is a FREE crypto trading bot that helps new and experienced traders make well-timed trading decisions. Our algorithm synthesizes real-time data and immediately notifies you at the right time to buy. It’s that simple!


I’ve heard about 3commas bots. Which one is better. How do you think?