East Asia Crypto-friendly Nation


Asia is the largest continent in the world. The word of Asia means “sun rises” always the universal truth says the sun rises in the east direction. The crypto also raised in East Asia, especially in Japan. Japan is the 10th largest country in population. so, the cash is still king in their economic status.

Cashless payment method

Japan has less demand for bank branches and ATMs. So, the younger generation is used cashless payment method. They followed the cryptocurrency and blockchain developments process to move ahead there life.

Who introduced the bitcoin in Japan?

Mizghuo financial groups plan to introduce the digital currency for cashless payment in their regional bank. They start there project named as the J-coin in 2017. They can use their digital currency in a dedicated app on their smartphone and the payments all made by the QR codes.

A benefit of accepts this project

The customer will not be charged any fee for transferring funds to their smartphones from bank accounts, returning funds to their account, sending funds to other customers.

Integrate a bitcoin payment system

The Akihabara is an electronic market place they regularly accept the fiat currency from there customer. Currently, there is only a small percentage of stores accepting Bitcoin, but there is rapid and recognizable growth.

Financial service agency in Japan

The financial service agency is a Japan government. They are responsible for the banking process, an overview of securities and issued a license for exchange platform. They released bitcoin is legal on March 24, 2017.

Japanese hometown is Tokyo

The FSA received 170 application to start there new exchange business based a cryptocurrency. some other crypto entrepreneurs select the already exist branded site to make a new site with there own name. Get the branded site clone script.


Not only East Asia can be called crypto-friendly now


The Japanese support many crypto projects, for example, Cardano. Japan has the means and capabilities to work with blockchain and cryptocurrencies, so I am not surprised that this country is cryptocurrency friendly


Nice to hear. Japan definitely has good crypto projects.