Easy way to keep an eye on your crypto stats, all in a hidden notification


CMC Alert app is the name of the mobile app that I developed, it’s design to keep the users informed about different crypto stats and to see price alerts - all in a simple way.


The app is using the official API from coinmarketcap.com, and here is why you should at least try it:

  • It’s a hidden notification, only way to see it is if you drag your notification tab down, you don’t even know it’s there.
  • It’s free and requires no permissions so it’s safe.
  • Can set Alarms and it have Aggressive Alarm mode(optional) - perfect when you wanna wake up during nights

  • Can view prices in BTC/USD/EURO and other 30 currencies worldwide !!!

  • View notifications for Top 50 crypto currencies

  • ‎Customize your portfolio and view notifications of your portfolio stats


Most of the times people thanks for sharing the app because they didn’t knew about it, so why would you downvote this? It helps me and other users everyday, why not try it yourself.


Here is the Google Play link:


Demo screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/d8pwi - see more in the store