Exclusive Investment Network Group


I know this may appear as spam, but it’s not. I’ve registered here to potentially reach out to people that may be of mutual use to us. Either way, I hope to be an active member of the community and help out wherever or whenever I can!

Little bit about me:

My name is Walter, I’m the Director of Trading of an investment network group that specialize directly in crypto private sales such as ICO’s/IEO’s/STO’s.

Some background information for those interested:

Initially, the group started out as a few business associates lightly investing and trading into altcoins back in 2017. It didn’t take long for us to appreciate the potential of ICO’s at the time, more so with our group accredited investor status and large capital liquid. Consequently, our focal point went from trading to investing into ICO private sales. The pre-sale of ICX was our first investment which yielded over a 10X+ and ever since we’ve dedicated ourselves full-time. Along the way we’ve built a strong base with connections amid big names in the crypto space, opening up many doors for us.

Currently, we’re seeking like-minded individuals that we deem an asset to the team, in terms of research required on our behalf or soft cap allocation fulfilment. In return, we can negotiate based of our deals and bonuses acquired. I’m not sure if there are mostly Americans here but timezone is absolutely not an issue.

Please reach out via PM if interested, we can set up a meeting and go in further detail on how things operate!