Forming The Future of Online Hotel Booking :


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The development of online travel organizations (OTAs) consummately exhibits the benefit of utilizing new advances to re-invent existing enterprises.

OTAs have an obvious favorable position over an individual inn’s online presence as they can capatilize on purchasers’ interest at low costs and alternatives by collecting their room stock from various lodging groups and accomplices.
However, traditional institu-tions which might be slow to adapt digitally or resist the growth of OTAs danger being left at the back of.

conventional tour establishments want to evolve to preserve up with customer demands for options and comfort if they want to avoid being over-shadowed by using OTAs. As OTAs also expand into the loyalty program market and offer better value to customers, accommodations stand to lose an excellent large portion of emblem manage if no motion is taken.


The GOeureka (pass) platform leverages block-chain era to put itself as an independent and transparent technology accomplice to motels, reworking traditional loyalty systems and turning in growing fee to all lodges and their clients. move goals to create a new symbiosis in which accommodations hold manage over their logo whilst unlocking unprecedented price for clients on its platform.
For the above set desires to be executed, we can be introducing the following functions on its platform:

-commission-unfastened booking platform with helping cell programs
-allows transactions via cryptocurrencies
-Re-reserving characteristic for inn rooms while charges are reduced
-Crypto-enabled interoperability of loyalty factors
-White-labelled solution on the GOeureka platform so one can allow motels to hold logo manipulate
-Integration abilities for hotel stock and loyalty packages

The platform has the vision for the future of the travel enterprise which is to ensure supportive online surroundings in which all agencies are allowed the possibility to thrive and benefit from imparting the excellent goods or services to travelers.

Many troubles typically suffered by man or woman may be a forgotten problem by means of using the platform. Such troubles as lack of transparency which ends in better prices, Inequitable commissions to OTAs which in the end decrease accommodations’ margins and inflate client expenses, omitted inn loyalty applications, search bias.
also, the various issues typically suffered via the resort itself may be a forgotten issue via actually deploying goeureka . Such troubles as excessive Commissions,; OTAs rate resorts 15%–30% commissions, impacting inn margins, lack of Access.

In a nutshel, you are welcome to The future of on-line journey Bookings wherein you enjoy

_**-No commission charge**_

** -automatic rebooking feature**
** -interoperable loyalty factors**
** - fiat & cryptocurrency charge approach**
** -worldwide coverage at release**


The GO Token is a digital token esigned to facilitate transactions on the GOeureka platform for the acquisition of room nights, hotel offerings and unlocking various different blessings and tour rewards.
Token kind : utility
Standard : ERC20
Token Ticker : got
Tokens for sale : 600 million tokens. All unsold tokens could be burnt.
Token charge : $0.10
Bonus Distribution : private sale - 30% | Pre-ICO section 1 - 15% | Pre-ICO section 2 - 12.five% | ICO Month 1 - 10% | ICO Month 2 - 5%
Hard Cap :USD$60 million
We receive :ETH, BTC, USD
constrained countries united states of america, China

Official Website:



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