Help: Is it worth mining?



I recently moved to a new appartment and I don’t have to pay the electric bills. So i was thinking about a “small” miner where i could score some extra coins with.

I was looking at the antminer L3 for some litecoins, they cost around €200.

So question: Is it still worth it to mine? Maybe invest a little more to get a little more coins out of it? or move to a totally different coin?

I would like to hear from you guys

Thanks in advance


Many say that now is better to trade or hodl funds, mining is becoming unprofitable because of bearish market, even if you get a profit it is too small


If you see the mining as a long-term perspective, why not to try? yeah, the market is bearish but it won’t bearish forever, right?


But now you will spend more money on electricity and not make a profit. It becomes profitable only with the bull market