How about organising a meetup in Delhi, India?


Hi everyone.
Would you like to attend a meetup in Delhi, India :india:?

I’m one of the organizers of a day-long event we’re planning on FOSS. There will be keynotes, talks, workshops, and hackathons primarily focused on FOSS. There are many participating communities like IOSD and PyDelhi. However, we’re planning a roadmap for events around/on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology running parallelly with events on FOSS supported by the Hyperledger Delhi NCR and Cryptocurrency India. It’d be fun having another community joining us in making the event even better.

The entire event will be organized by the students of SSCBS, which will also be the venue of the event. The event is soon to be named but we’re calling it Git-day as of this writing. The tentative date for the event is 18 March 2018.

Looking forward to having a chat about this.