How to Build a Bitcoin exchange website?


We all know Cryptocurrency exchange is the most successful business in recent days. If you’re interested in starting your own crypto exchange platform. many of them start their own exchange but very few of them stand in this exchange industry. If you want to start a successful exchange business. So, you need to in-build these features in your exchange.

Important Features:

  • Margin Trading

  • High Liquidity & API

  • 2-step authentication

  • Integrated IEO Module

  • Admin Panel

  • User Panel

  • Escrow Security System & more.

  • Crypto Wallet (Hot & Cold Wallet)

  • Trade Engine

  • KYC system

  • Payment Gateway

  • Anti Denial Of Service (DoS) & more.

A single man can’t possibly do all this work. If you do, you may make a mistake or face some technical & security issues. So the best to build your exchange by choosing the trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange script providers. But, finding the best & trustworthy is the biggest problem. No worries, I will help you. Here I suggest the best & trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange script provider, coinsclone. They successfully launch a 60+ Bitcoin exchange platform all over the globe. They offer fully customized crypto exchange software based on their business needs. If you are interested to do business with them to talk to their technical experts via WhatsApp: +919500575285 or mail @

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