How to DO anything Crypto


How about a discussion group solely for the purpose of teaching the community about how to do anything crypto? The complexity’s of the industry can be overwhelming, therefore discussions within the group and/or its sub-topics should not be about what it is, what it does, what it can do to or why to do. Information overload is possibly keeping users from making progress - so let’s keep it simple. Let users go elsewhere if they so choose go the route of learning the aformentioned. Let them go elsewhere if they so choose to to be bombarded with literally tens of thousands of opinions. Examples of How To’s would be: How to create an exchange account on Poloniex or GDAX, how to navigate IDEX, Etherdelta or a centralized exhange like Kraken. How to enable 2FA on a Ledger Nano S or on Binance; Hashflare or Coinbase. How to MEW, Matamask or find your your ether balance with Etherscan. There are thousands of topics and possible sub-topics on any or all subjects. Most important is: The KISS rule applies - so keep it simple stupid!


Respectfully to all, please keep the questions simple and the answers - even more simple.


Hi! Do you suggest asking questions here in this thread? Sorry, looks like I didn’t get you :hugs:


The explanation is a bit complicated, isn’t it?


Yeah, the post is not really clear to me :sweat_smile:
I suppose the author wants other users to share knowledge with newbies?


Nowadays, it’s not hard to learn something by yourself. Besides, the internet is full of information. In crypto trading, it’s important to catch up with the latest news. For example, I recommend joying crypto pump and dump Telegram groups, it will help you avoid losses.

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Yeah TG groups are now trendy


Is there a Crypterium App for IOS?


if i’m not mistaken i saw it in the app store


You are right! I checked it


Mm. Thanks a lot. I will check it


Sure! You are welcome!