I'd like to know whether you invest


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I’m doing some research into investment habits. Or non-investment - different strokes for different folks. I’ve got a three question survey up at https://goo.gl/forms/nQkoUIXujSzotuf12.

Please feel free to contribute your opinion if you have a minute to spare.

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I took the survey, but I’m a bit confused - you’re working for a trading platform, and I would say that trading and investing are fairly mutually exclusive.

One of the things you have in your survey is asking if I ‘invest’ in fiat. What does that mean? Buying foreign currencies in hopes it’ll appreciate? I think you’re trying to back forex trading into ‘investment speak’. Much more likely anyone trying to expose themselves to different currencies is buying derivatives, or is buying foreign stocks - I don’t know anyone that invests in foreign currencies in a literal sense.


Hi barry !

I missed this reply when you posted it.

Some people do feel that way, but not everyone. Diversification generally includes different money management practices: earning, saving, investing, trading. Of course, some people use a subset.

We’re trying to describe forex trading, yes. As opposed to cryptocurrency trading. It’s completely possible that the perspective comes from years of earning one currency (UK) and spending another (European), which isn’t the usual case.

Anyhow - thanks for contributing. We’re open for beta testing if you’d like access to the service for free while we continue to add features.


That web service is based on an API and we’re building an invite list for that. Let me know if that’s of interest.

Thanks !


Hey, is it still relevant?


I’m always interested in feedback.

We’ve got something new in the works. If you’re interested in quickly and easily creating, testing and running trading systems (initially, for stock on NYSE/Nasdaq) let me know.

Do people use indicators and candle patterns to identify opportunities in crypto markets ?


I definitely invest and would recommend investing for anyone within finance. Cryptocurrency is a strong asset which will be strong for investors for a long while. You can buy bitcoin with just about any type of payment method here.


What platform do you all invest through, or would recommend investing through?