Is technical analysis useful for trading crypto markets?


I meant that I try to find as much information about projects as possible.


However, many say that technical analysis does help traders identify patterns and predict outcomes, so this topic is rather controversial


As long as you can read the outcomes of the analysis, yes


Ah ok. I thought you have a platform that compares such projects


Its only useful if everyone else is doing it then you can predict the market kind of

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Yeah I agree, if it helps shaping the market sentiment than the further development becomes predictable


It merely works long-term


For how long?
You may be right :blush: I don’t know a lot about it


Really? Could you clarify for how long please?


For about a year, for example. Hard to predict exactly.


Yeah, I wrote above - half a year/year


I got you! That’s great.


Do you use technical analysis to make forecasts?


It is hard to make prediction even for the next week:)


Surely, yes. Cryptocurrency analysis and forecast is very important for all the current tendencies on the market. Indeed, it is the basic of trading bots like work. The developers analyze the tendencies and then provide them to the people working with it.


Like this time with BTC again


Do you mean technical analysis?