January 26 - CryptoBeers Meetup in Tallinn, Estonia


When? - 7pm, 26 January 2018
Where? - Kivi Paber Kaarid

CryptoBeers are a fun evening for beginners and novices in the cryptocurrency community to get together, face-to-face, in a casual setting to discuss various topics that keep the crypto world busy all the while enjoying a fresh beer (or cola).

CryptoBeers are not to be confused with pointless networking events, instead, they are structured to get you discussing interesting standpoints, adoption issues & innovations in the space.

When you leave for home a little more knowledgeable and enlightened, and not too forget, with a bunch of new friends, then the mission of CryptoBeers has definitely been accomplished!

So! Let’s enjoy a drink, get together and discuss the money of the future. We hope to see you there and engage in a fruitful discussion about cryptocurrencies.

You’re welcome from 7PM and can stay as long as you’d like until the bar closes :slight_smile: We’ll also be setting up a Q&A Table for those who want to have their crypto questions answered!

Meetup link: https://www.meetup.com/The-Cryptominded-Meetup-Tallinn-Edition/events/246935167/


Woo! I’ll be there! :airplane::tent::tada::tada:


Thank you to everyone for coming tonight. It was a wonderful evening and you have shown Tallinn is a great cryptocurrency hub.

For all of those of you who pre-ordered a t-shirt, we’ll be in touch soon. For all those of you who missed out on the t-shirt ordering, click here to place your pre-order:

We’ll be opening up the Cryptominded community again tomorrow, but if you want to pre-register, go to https://community.cryptominded.com now :slight_smile:

Tallinn, you’re amazing. To the next event.