Locus block chain



  1. Next-generation standard block chain platform
  2. Fastest transaction
  3. Little or no fee
  4. Scalability
  5. Ledger dynamic state sharding
  6. Decentralization



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What exactly is locus? Sounds very interesting but I don’t truly understand the need.


Guys look what I found

We are pleased to announce that Locus Chain Team have completed the development of “Enterprise Mainnet”.

“Enterprise Mainnet” is a platform which enables companies/organizations/governments to issue their own tokens (in a form of stable token or security token) without building the blockchain network. And they are also able to validate the integrity of data through Locus Chain’s “Enterprise Mainnet”. You can find more details in the ‘Tech’ page of LOCUS INSIGHT tab on our official website


Can someone provide more information about this please?


I found this in REDDIT today:


I copy/pasted from here:

  • What is Locus Chain’s Enterprise Mainnet?
    The Enterprise Mainnet of Locus Chain is a platform that allows the companies which desire to adopt the blockchain system to create and use the enterprise token without separately developing or forming the blockchain network(node), and makes it possible to validate the data integrity through the Enterprise Mainnet.

  • What is token issuance/using platform?
    Just like how ERC20 in the case of Ethereum uses the protocol which allows for easy token issuance and usage, Locus Chain also allows for simple issuance and use of new tokens. The benefit of utilizing the mainnet of Locus Chain to issue and use the token is that compared to the existing blockchains like Ethereum, it demonstrates exceptionally remarkable performance. In the case of tokens issued by using the existing blockchains, it was difficult to practically use the issued tokens in real life due to size, network load, and other issues. However, the tokens that become issued on the mainnet of Locus Chain for usage provides the amount of performance that does not cause problems when used in real life situations.

  • What is the forging and manipulation validation function?
    One of the main benefits of blockchain is its ability to create reliable data due to the difficulty in forging and manipulation of data. Unlike the existing client-server structure, the blockchain system uses the mathematical hash function to bind the data in the form of chains and then become shared on all of the computers(nodes), so it practically becomes impossible for the hackers to forge and manipulate the data. Due to this reason, most of the projects that are currently in progress are making efforts as trials to directly input the data in the blockchain ledger instead of in the DBMS(Database Management System), but it appears this kind of method will make it difficult to create good results. This is because in exchange of earning the benefit of making it difficult for the existing data to become forged and manipulated, performance including the speed of service and others will inevitably decrease.
    In order to resolve these problems, Locus Chain has been able to develop the technology that can manage the formation of hash values which allows to make judgments on whether or not the data has been forged and/or manipulated while recording the data on the existing DBMS instead of directly recording the data on the blockchain ledger. Of course, this technology can be developed by anyone if it is a blockchain system. However, the technological superiority of Locus Chain lies in that even if numerous companies use this function to utilize Locus Chain’s mainnet, it does not slow down, the processing speed can be maintained, and many nodes can be operated easily because it can be managed so that the ledger data size does not increase. The stability of blockchain system strengthens if there are more number of nodes participating in the network.

  • What is Verifiable Pruning that becomes used in the forging and manipulation validation function?
    ‘Verifiable Pruning(Verifiable Pruning)’, which is a technology made for the purpose of resolving the problem of the increasing ledger size of the blockchain system, allows for the system to hold the data structure that makes it possible to later prove the authenticity(true/false) even if the data has been deleted in the ledger and thus, has been able to drastically reduce the ledger size. This technology is currently going through the patent application process.


Wow, Looks like people are already interesting about LOCUS CHAIN ENTERPRISE MAINNET.
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I am telling you that LOCUS will be the best performing coin 2019-2020


Guys, Please check the locus web site (,. Many things happening around.


I saw a post on Facebook yesterday - they are starting a Smart City, they have 7B$ ready.


what is the name of locus’s facebook profile? do they also have Instagram?


Locus Chain Europe


What is SMART City? New Project?


A smart city is a municipality that uses information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare with intent to enhance the quality and performance of urban services such as energy, transportation and utilities in order to reduce resource consumption, wastage and overall costs.


Do you really think that kind of cities are possible?


Did anyone notice the LOCUS trading volume in BTRADE on 10.07.2019 ?
It is 24.8M and many buy orders.


Of course that kind of cities are possible and will be a reality sooner than you think. Did anyone imagine how internet will change our lives? Blockchain is next step technological revolution.


Will BTC drop effect to the LOCUS price ?


In last 3 days, BTC dropped down arround 20%, Locus dropped down 5%. It’s always good to buy the dips, so today is good rebuy opportunity.