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The public blockchain platform ‘Locus Chain’ has signed an agreement for a strategic technical partnership with the subject of applying the enterprise mainnet technology on the platform of “Social With”, which provides service to the Korean social, economic corporations and public institutions.


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Article from Telecom Review Africa

The Tunisia Economic City (TEC), jointly owned by Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, has chosen the Locus Chain blockchain as its settlement currency and service platform.
TEC, built in the eastern peninsula of Tunisia, is set to be the largest smart city project on the Mediterranean, with a surface area of 90 Km2 encompassing 14 large zones. Its geographical location allows it to constitute a portal connecting Europe, Africa and Asia, thus becoming an international business and technology hub.
The smart city project will adopt the Sinagpore-based company’s blockchain platform which will be used as a settlement currency for industries such as finance, communication, medical, shopping, automated vehicles and artificial intelligence.
“TEC is one of the most advanced smart city projects the world economy has ever seen,” said Lee Sang Yoon, CEO of Locus Chain Foundation. “When the Locus Chain blockchain platform is applied to the TEC project, it will be used as a transaction and authentication method for various industries and will provide an ideal management and service system ensuring high transparency and security across the industry.”
Founded by HRH Prince Fahd Bin Muqrin Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia, chairman of the Al Hermas Global Group and TEC, and Dr. Riadh Khalifa Toukabri, serving as TEC president, the project will drive the economic growth of North Africa and will complement that of the GCC countries as well. It is also expected to attract foreign investors in the fields of hospitality, entertainment, medical care, media, etc.


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I can’t wait to see how these smart cities will look like.
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Locus Chain Foundation, which leads the overall business of the world’s first practically usable public blockchain “Locus Chain”, has recently announced their application for the patent regarding the two core technology, namely ‘AWTC-BFT consensus’ and ‘Verifiable Pruning’, of high performance blockchain platform which can also be operated in low performance hardware.
The ‘AWTC-BFT consensus’ method is the world’s first attempt by Locus Chain and is a method which combines the BFT(Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus in the DAG-based nonlinear AWTC ledger structure for processing large volumes in high speed. In the AWTC ledger structure, there are just as many transaction adding spots as there are the number of accounts. Only the account having the relevant spots can exclusively write the record on it, therefore immediate transaction without any crash is available. In addition to this, the maximum level of scalability maintaining the most optimized ledger size is achieved by the unique technique such as Dynamic Sharding and Verifiable Pruning because Locus Chain has the synchronized BFT consensus… This is an extremely significant technological progress.
‘Verifiable Pruning’ is a technology that reduces the storage burden of nodes while enabling high speed validation at the same time. It is a genuine technology developed by Locus Chain Team, which enables to manage the size of ledger in most optimized method, even when the participating users(or transactions) keep increasing limitlessly.
Dynamic Sharding and Verifiable Pruning technology are absolutely essential to public blockchain t in order to perform high speed while maintaining the full decentralization. Locus Chain has implemented the Dynamic Sharding and Verifiable Pruning in the most optimal fashion. However, they are also very difficult to implement if not prepared for in advance for the structural development. The development team of Locus Chain has been able to reach one step closer to launching the idealistic blockchain by confirming ahead of time of the speculations that can be achieved for the performance required in real life and implementing the DAG based BFT consensus that has been considered as impossible.
So far there are no known cases of any projects in the world which has implemented the deterministic consensus in DAG. The development team has achieved the technological innovation that has never been attempted before in the blockchain industry. Locus Chain has become the world’s first to reach success in implementing this technology and has applied for the patent in order to protect the technology.
Moreover, Locus Chain Foundation has launched the Locus Chain enterprise main-net at the end of June and is actively developing the trial businesses with the social enterprise based in Korea and overseas partners.
From the patent registration we are expecting that the Locus Chain will be marked as the leading Pioneer of Revolution of Digital Credit, since it can be recognized as the ultimate solution to resolve the problems coming from the limitation of current generation Blockchains