Locus block chain


LOCUS will come into top 100 Crypto currencies soon


Im sure it will happen before end of this year.
Locus is very strong.


This is a proof that Alt coins give better profit more than holding BTC


what do you think - up to what price can Locus coin grow?



Meeting with the President of Gambia, Adama Barrow

After having a meeting with people including Macky Sall, the President of Senegal, Locus Chain’s senior advisor Prince Franklin Omene also had an unofficial strategic meeting with the President of Gambia, Adama Barrow, to discuss about using Locus Chain for the corresponding national business.


I was reading in Locus Telegram group and their FB - in Africa there are so many countries who need national cryptocurrency, and Locus is going to provide the blockchain for them all.
Now is time to go in!


You must Read this


this is amazing, well done Locus! Amaziiiiing


I need money to by LOCUS, I see another opportunity to buy


I also think now is perfect buying moment


I need to by on 0.01$ and i believe it is a good time to enter before the next jump


I’m thinking about 10c arround New Year time. What do U think?


Yes, and I am expecting more than that


even more than 10c? this will be awesome :slight_smile:


Did you see the latest news and projects that Locus Chain prepaired for several African countries?


I saw somewhere but what is the project exactly?


national cryptos, this will be huge. crypto is going mainstream, in the future everybody will be using…


This is the time to buy locus, we can expect a jump soon


this is fantastic, i think this jump will be huuuuuge


Perfect signal , locus is moving up