Locus block chain


It’s going even more up very soon


Locus price increase 16% up in last 04 days :star_struck:


25th this month, Locus will start public Testnet. This is most important event.
People will understand that Locuschain technology is only top one in the world.


LOCUS already reached the 0.012 and we can expect between 0.015 to 0.017 in couple of days as per the previous behavior of locus :moneybag::moneybag:


Can you explain a little bit more about your experience with previous behaviour of Locus. Which Exchange do you use for trading Locus?


Great jump Locus today!


Always use the BTRADE exchange because it has a good volume , It is a Korean exchange ( ). This exchange build mainly for Korean people but we also can use it with no problem


Who every brought LOCUS yesterday for 0.008 USD, there is in 13% profit today


I also use Btrade, registration and verification pretty easy, very fast.


Yes its true. Also it does not take much time for withdrawal…I always experience only 15 to 20 minutes for a withdrawal…


Trading volume is also increasing and Btrade is becoming one of the finest crypto exchanges


BE PATIENT whoever brought the locus in last week, We can expecting a jump in coming few days

  1. Libra is not decentralized blockchain. This style can not achieve perfect digital credits.
  2. To achieve digital credits, total decentralized system is essential.
  3. Some next generation blockchain projects are trying to achieve this. But no blockchain project succeed to achieve this and scalability, security same time.
  4. Locuschain is the only one system that achieved that total decentralization, unlimited scalability and perfect security.
    This means final solution for real usable blockchain system. Ready for mass adoption!
  5. This means, digital credits revolution will start from locuschain.
  6. This will make big change to people lifestyle in very near future.


This is very important details who are really in to LOCUS , Thank you


You are welcome. There will be much more!
Public testnet starting in couple of weeks, everybody will be able to see the power of technology, speed, transparency.


what is this?? Looks interesting


It will be officially announced next week. Follow website


WOW, Btrade exchange has been updated with many changes


I really like it, the only “weak point” is that during weekends (sat&sun) there is much less trading volume. During working days (mon-fri) everything is perfect.


If you check the trading volume before few months back it was very low. But now it has been increased more than 50%. I believe this good changes happen due to new things that they Lunched.