LOCUS - the fastest blockchain


Hello technology lovers!

Take some time and check what a revolutionary advance has been created by the Locus Chain Team. Check the website. They enable 1M transactions per second. This can change a lot in a matter of wide adoption on crypto payments…


Very soon it will be listed in another exchange


I see its listed on btrade and idax, where else?:thinking::thinking:




only those 3? is there going to be more projects, you know more?


who cares how much different exchanges are they listed in, as long as the volume is good and its regular.


Are you sure about this ?


I SAW THIS NEWS AS WELL, but not sure when


As of now, only this two


its difficult to say to someone what is good "investing’ , because when you hold a coin for a long time specially the ones that are not in top 20 you will suffer losses. After the new coin is on the crypto market see the trade volume and behaving the team behind it aso…, and buy if it looks at least a bit promising. I am currently having my eye on their Locus coin.


have bought some coins recently , only 2 are still above the purchase price, coin market is though, the prices are still falling and the number of altcoins in general is still increasing, it’s very difficult to find that one that can go up, I believe Locus has a chance, good team behind it, promising names… waiting to see how it behaves this month. researching more.


TODAY LOCUS more active in BTRADE


What makes Locus Chain different from the existing blockchain technologies?


Way way faster and more secure.
Ready for mass adoption. Now!

Do your own reserach of course :wink:


Who is behind the project?


As per the website its a korean team but many advisors from many part of world




People can do trading in Latoken exchange starting from today.


Yes, I also saw it.
Trading pairs: Locus/BTC, Locus/ETH, Locus/USD