LOCUS - the fastest blockchain


why are you so sure about it?


Does LOCUS has Cryptocurrency mining ?


No. Locus is one of non-mineable coins


You are right, I found below in LOCUS web site.

Hello, this is Locus Chain Foundation.

Recently, our local agent and employees have confirmed that there are con artists that state they are selling the mining priority by falsely representing Locus Chain’s agent in the Middle Eastern and Eastern European regions.
Locus Chain has not yet proceeded with any agreement related to mining.
In relation, if there are any organizations or people that claim they are collaborating with Locus Chain and its business, please check the registered partners and advisors on Locus Chain’s official website , and/or send us an email that requests for confirmation through our official email address


Yes, I told you.
Their customer support looks pretty serious. They also published this note in their profiles in facebook, instagram, twitter, telegram. Good job Locus!


Did any one notes the locus volume before one month and now? It has been increase almost 80%


More and more people trading.
Big news also coming soon.


To provide better scalability with high transaction speed, Locus Chain solved scaling issue by implementing Dynamic State Sharding - dividing blocks into smaller managable sub-blocks or “shards”.


More people use LOCUS tech for their business means , coin price will go high easily


Locus successfully acomplished the node test using their revolutionary dynamic state sharding technology of dividing the block. DAG-BFT, consensus algorithm finalized! This is new generation blockchain, ready to use!


One of the best achievement from LOCUS and this make LOCUS strong comparing to other competitors


The fastest, most secure, ready for mass adoption, millions transactions per second. Huge partnerships and news coming soon!


With who they have the partnership? Are they going to have a new partnership?


They didn’t reveal this officially yet.
I saw some posts in their Facebook acc - talking about governments of different African countries, you can check it, it is public. But there are rumours about big USA companies also, I’m sure when they will announce this, price will jump like a grasshopper.


I did a research about locus new partnership details and i found that LOCUS is planing to cover African countries , and they had meetings with Presidents of Republic of Senegal and Presidents of Republic of Gambia


I heard that 12 african countries are preparing to create national cryptocurrency on the Locus Chain platform. Several meetings done. I saw a lot of pictures prooving that in Locus Facebook account.


Check the LOCUS CHAIN official page in TELEGRAM. You can see the all the details with proof.


More serious partners coming onboard. I expect great future of Locus coin!


Looking forward to see the mainnet test.
October 22nd


< Report on the Test Results of the First Day>

On the first day of the test, 310 users logged into the test page and ran their nodes, 620 Tx occurred before the initialization, 1419 Tx occurred after the initialization, and the single transaction processing time (average value per day) was 0.23 second. There were no reports on special errors.

Compared to other blockchains that take a minimum of several hours to several days to synchronize the first ledger, Locus Chain is a blockchain that takes a very short time to synchronize the first ledger since the ledger size is kept to a minimum through the Verifiable Pruning technology. However, it appears the feedbacks came from a majority of test participators who lack node operation experiences. We believe that most of these feedbacks will be resolved by implementing the Sharding technology and stabilizing the codes.

The rest of the questions mostly were about how the participators could not fully comprehend the Windows warning that showed up when they were running the nodes.

In addition, there was one question on how a participator could not understand the ‘Activate’ concept related to sending the coins. Since the majority of the users who participated in the test are familiar with the blockchain ledger structure, it seems that they need to gain a better understanding on the AWTC ledger structure (appropriate for high speed transaction processing, collisions mostly do not occur and has excellent scalability).

From 2:00 ~ 3:00 PM based on the local time in Korea, we initialized the ledger, ran the boot node again, etc. in order to see if there were any problems in ledger synchronization when the boot nodes were all shut down and run again. The ledger synchronization was executed successfully.

The ledger size of nodes is being well maintained in a small size without increasing and the forging and manipulation verification function of files are operating properly even after Verifiable Pruning.

Currently, the system is operating efficiently without reports on any special errors.