LOCUS - the fastest blockchain


What are the technical features of Locus Chain?



You can read everything here:


Does LOCUS has any connection with ETHEREUM ?


You can trade LOCUS/ETH.
You can keep your LOCUS Coins in MyEtherWallet.

Otherwise Locus Chain is newer and faster than Ethereum.


For what kind of business does Locus Blockhain suit better?


I think it better for communication business or may be more


Transactions, payment system


What is Locus Citizen Program ? What are the benefits ?


Locus Citizens will be members of the Locus Chain Digital World. One Locus Loyalty Point shall be equivalent to one Locus Coin. Locus Coin is already listed in reputed Global Digital Currency Exchange. The more the value of Locus Coin in the Exchange, the more the value of your Locus Citizen Points.
​Once you have earned your Locus Citizen Points you can start redeeming them for your rewards!


So it means in this case we no need to register in any exchange ?


No need.
You just go to the LOCUS CITIZEN website and you can do everything there directly:


I checked this , but from where can we take the Loyalty Card?


they will send the card to you


Locus +61% in last 24h in Btrade exchange!




Today LOCUS was also added in Coinmarketcap.
I believe that Locus will be the best performing coin in 2019-2020.


Another fantastic day for Locus!


i have 258690 locus coins within one day trading , I am trying ti increase locus coins in my wallet because i feel there will be a jump soon


Thank you very much for all the info!