LOCUS - the fastest blockchain


Where do you get this information?


I always watch coins and data in


What do you think about LOCUS comparing the BTC price now ? Currently BTC going up and will this effect LOCUS?


Most probably yes. Quality coins’ prices are very often corellated.


LOCUS went up 10% with the BTC jump. You guys are awesome.


This is the beginning only. Their projects around smart cities and payment gateways will be awesome.
Accumulate now and HODL!


I think now we need to buy and stay relax until they grow their LOCUS CITIZEN program.


I’m buying every month for 10% of my salary


Fantastic article from BlockDelta:


I am sure that I have invested in best Alt Coin.


I am with you and I am expecting a 100% jump before end of August 2019


The bull trend for cryptos is finally here, quality coins will definitely prosper.
Locus is one of the most promising projects in the market and I expect very bright future.

I expect x100 in 2 years


I will not recommend to wait 02 years in same coin but 200% sure LOCUS will BUMP before end of august 2019.



Locus Chain will be used as tools of transaction and authentication for various industries such as medical, shopping, IoT and public sectors starting from energy and communication business. Locus is conducting the business activities for it that using the Locus Chain as a based-technology to constitute Smart City. In fact, the business department has signed a strategic alliance contract with TEC, the organizer of the Tunisian Economic City Project, which is the largest new city construction project in the Mediterranean, and the block-chain platform Locus Chain will be applied as a settlement currency and service platform in various industries such as finance, communication, medical, shopping, autonomous driving cars, AI, etc… After constructing and verifying these local smart cities, Locus is aiming to create a smart world by gathering these various city plans. Details can be found in the white paper on the official website.


Do you buy only this coin or invest money in something else?


For last two weeks most of the ALT coins went down bcz of the behaviour of the BTC but LOCUS was one of the strong coin which stand again BTC behaviour. LOCUS is one of the stable ALT coin.


Quality coins (with real technology and important solutions) will be absolute winners of this already on-going bullish trend. Don’t forget, that next BTC halving (reward for mining) will occure in April 2020. By this time, BTC and quality altcoins will see enormous growth.
Locus is an example of fantastic project and the fastest blockchain. Reward for early investing and hodling will be huge.


Of course in different sectors. Not only crypto. Never carry all your eggs in one basket. Diversification of portfolio is very important.


why are you so sure about it?


Does LOCUS has Cryptocurrency mining ?