Recommend real time ticker


Hi everyone, new to this forum so thanks for any answers!
Interested in making live trades over short term while saving btc eth etc long term.
Can anyone recommend a good real time stat that is up-to-date, not on a significant delay, or only refreshes every 15 min or so? html5 or laptop friendly preferred over app.

For example- Binance has great stats and you can MACD or RSI down to 1 minute stats, but they don’t have my favorite coin pairings. Cryptopia and others have good pairings for short term but don’t update nearly as current as needed.
Advice sincerely appreciated.


I use a lot - they are linked to a couple of exchanges.

Haven’t found anything similar to binance’ ticker yet…


Agreed with @ferdib in combination with is nice :ok_hand:


You could use Crypto trading hub It also has a realtime screener which you use to screener markets.