The coolest bitcoin art i've seen!


Check out her prints (the artist accepts crypto!)


Nice! Thanks for sharing.


The pictures are so sweet. Yesterday, I read about one more artists who sells his artworks for crypto.
So, the artists are, as always, the most progressive people - the moving force for the ideas.


I read about him too, to sell art for crypto is something new for me, but his artworks are really good


Crypto is everywhere! Cool present for a crypto investor


Nice present for the people who are interested, I would be more than happy to be given such a present :smiley:


I’ve started to appreciate the hand-made things even more now. They are so unique in having its own mood and soul.


I agree with you :slight_smile: do you make such presents yourself btw?


I like baking and I want to study painting and guitar playing as well. So many goals and so little time :frowning:


haha and so little time, I guess!


What kind of painting are you interested in?


I adore something more like impressionism


I like a lot this picture


Sorry, guys, I know it’s crypto site, not art platform, but still


Yep, that’s a truly amazing piece of art


Thank you for sharing)


Do you like the impressionism as well?


Thanks for sharing guys! This is awesome!


who is the author of this picture?