The Cryptopreneur opportunity thread


I was thinking it’d be cool if we share problems in the market that we come across and ideas we’ve to figure out where the opportunities in this market lie.

In my opinion, there’s a tremendous opportunity in providing wallets that have better UX & security.

Where do you feel opportunities are in this market? I’ll list them all below:

Business opportunities in the crypto market:

  1. Software wallets with better UX & security
  2. Home and hobby mining should be more consumer friendly. [by @cryptoaquarium]


Home and hobby mining should be more consumer friendly.


@dylandamsma This is a topic I’m heavily interested in. We’re in a private beta doing security tests and looking for people to help us. After personally loosing assets due to missing private key, I’ve found it a mission to overcome.

If anyone is available to help us find bugs we have bounties. We really want to grow this product into something incredible.


I think the lending market could use a format in this market. People are always looking for loans to buy new coins, I know that offers loans to people intrested in crypto but dont know any other companies


You think it’s a good idea that people take credit to invest in crypto though?


i see the pros and cons for it, but at the end of the day its definitely a market that will be needed because people will be looking for loans.


And I have many concerns about exchanges. So many hackers’ attacks and failures these days. So, I was trying to find a new licensed and regulated exchange platform. Recently I have known about GetEx cryptocurrency exchange. On their website I have read that it is a licensed service that keeps coins in cold storage, which reduces the risk of thefts. Moreover, there’s accounts’ insurance so you do not feel at risk. What are your thoughts, guys? Are there a lot of such exchanges? And what should an ideal exchange look like?


Well, it is not a secret, that many people have enough information to make sure about their hobbies. But my hobby together with the crypto trading is traveling. I am happy to visit different interesting and new places. Especially if the trip is organized by a reliable company. The full report is more then welcome when I am going to visit Russia, Europe, Asia, or any other part of the world. Anyway, quality service is my priority.