The Introduce yourself thread


Hello there :wave:!

Welcome to the Cryptominded community where cryptocurrency addicts gather :wink: This is the place where we as community get together, discuss investment & trading strategies, mining equipment, the latest news and share details on the future events.

You can invite your friends by sharing this link with them: - The more the merrier, right? :slight_smile:

After you’ve been active here for a little bit, you’ll get automatically invited to our community chat on slack. :speech_balloon:Just start contributing and posting here and you’ll see the invitation appear automatically!

We’d love to get to know you so feel free to introduce yourself! Some questions you could answer for example:

  • Who are you and where are you based?
  • How did you get into crypto?
  • What excites you about cryptocurrencies?
  • As what kind of investor would you describe yourself? Long-term investor, day-trader or else?
  • What was your most exciting moment in crypto?
  • What would you still love to learn?
  • Have you been to any of our meetups, or events?

Or feel free to tell us anything else you’d love to share.

Let’s get the discussion started and the trading fired up :money_mouth_face:

I’d like to ask you to make a small consideration:
This is a general cryptocurrency community and while you may have opposing views to particular currencies or projects, please do not become hostile, spread lies or other such unwarranted behaviour. Let’s stay friendly to each other :slightly_smiling_face:

Just some minor rules for the forum

  • Please do not post referral links. No, really. Don’t.
  • FUDing / shilling is not appreciated. Please post arguments or reason.
  • Please report any suspicious activities (i.e. scams)
  • Please do not promote pump & dump schemes. Obvious promotion will be met with immediate ban.
  • Just be nice to each other, we’re here for fun and pleasure.



Hey everyone I’m Barry!

I joined the Cryptominded community last summer and I have been hooked ever since! I help the Cryptominded team with content creation (like the starter’s guide :smile: ) and a bit of community-building.

I’m definitely a :moneybag: HODLer all the way. I’m always interested in the latest tech, and in particular the different blockchains and non-blockchain (e.g. DAG) currencies out there! I try to invest on fundamentals only, and ignore most of the day to day.

So far I’ve been to three (3!) Cryptominded events, two in London and one in Tallin! Looking forward to attending many more!


Hi Cryptominded Community, I’m Ben!

I’ve been around here since the beginning, and I work on the Cryptominded’s web tools and products, as well as participating in community discussions which also helps me learn new things every day.

I’ve been buying and holding for a couple of years now which means I’m quite used to massive price swings, and also have some grey hairs. My motto is ZTFO which stands for “kindly zoom out a little more, good sir”.

Looking forward to seeing the discussions spring up! :fist:


Hello Cryptominded I’m Anton :wave:

I discovered CM in July and had the opportunity to join this amazing community ! I’m always around in the slack, discussing about trading, news in the crypto world and sharing.
I also do tech talks about cryptocurrencies and I enjoy discussing about market psychology ! I’ve also built The CryptoMinded Bot with our beloved Kurt, another member of the community!

I used to trade a lot :chart: but I’m more on the HODL side now :money_with_wings:

Let’s share, teach, and have fun and change the world!


Hi there! I’m Mikey!

I’ve been part of the Cryptominded community since the summer of 2017 and fell in love almost immediately after joining. Dylan, Barry, Ben, and the rest of the team are truly passionate about cryptocurrencies and the communities surrounding them.

I work as a creative director and am always happy to offer Dylan and the rest of the community any creative input they may be in need of. I am also very enthusiastic about community development, blockchain application in society, and am an avid crypto trader!

I look forward to having amazing discussions with you all, and am always here to lend an ear or any advice I can offer! :metal:t2:


Hi i am Elvis
I got into cryptocurrency last year.and have been a fan since.I hodl for the long term and to explore new coins and the whole block chain technology. I am glad to apart of cryptominded guys like u


Welcome Elvis, glad to have you here!


Hello everyone,
You guys/gals can call me C. Its a pleasure . As for me ,Ive gotten into cryptos a few months ago and am very fascinated. I am looking to learn and become more involved. Thank you.


Howdy, Happy SuperBlueBloodMoon Morning to you. I’m John from Central Oregon and just recently got into Crypto Currency investing at the peak of this craziness, and I got to say… it’s damn exciting. Lot’s to learn on the tech side and hope to learn a lot from this community on what’s up and coming and has the potential for long term gains. I like walks on the beach, sunsets, and I love to HODL. :wink:


Howdy, Happy SuperBlueBloodMoon Morning to you. I’m John from Central Oregon and just recently got into Crypto Currency investing at the peak of this craziness, and I got to say… it’s damn exciting. Lot’s to learn on the tech side and hope to learn a lot from this community on what’s up and coming and has the potential for long term gains. I like walks on the beach, sunsets, and I love to HODL. :wink:



Ian here hailing from Venice Beach. I’m relatively new to Crypto trading though it has been in my close orbit for a few years. I’m here to find a community of constructive and thoughtful people so we can all learn and support each other. Unfortunately the few other places I’ve found were badling lacking real substance and were full of vitriolic garbage.

Be good to each other.


Hi Ian,

Welcome! We are happy to have you and let us know if you have any questions or things you’d like to get our thoughts on. Simply make a post.



Hello. I’m Brent and I live in Wilmington, NC. I’m a commercial loan officer and I’ve been investing in crypto for about 8 months. I’m looking to learn more about investing in crypto. I like to day trade alt coins but I have a few long term holds. Look forward to learning something new from this group.


Hi! I’m Harry (online name 409h)

I’m interested in Ethereum, and currently building tools to help tackle phishing! :slight_smile: I’ve been to 2 Cryptominded events - they were cool, and keen to go to some more in the future.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Lisa and I am from Australia. Very new to this whole cryptocurrency fiasco but enjoying learning more about it each day.


I am Sambhav Jain. An undergraduate computer science degree pursuant based in Delhi, India :india:. I found one of my teachers at college delivering a keynote on the blockchain tech, which I really liked. I found the opportunities comprehensive and impressive. Right there and then I jumped into this world of crypto. The future and possibilities around/in it inspires me the most.

I’m a student learner who’s trying to learn about everything that makes this field so attractive. I’d love to learn about implementation of Quantum Cryptography in blockchain for encryption and digital IDs. I haven’t been to any meetups but I’d love to host one in my city.

Looking forward to having a great time here.


Hi cryptominded, I’m Caleb

I am a hobby miner, who is fairly new to the scene as looking for insightful people to learn from.


Hey, everyone, My name is Nick

I work as a Community Manager for a blockchain Startup called the ABL Ecosystem. It’s dedicated to creating a platform for users to own and monetize their professional work experience, and connect them with amazing work opportunities that are best suited for them!

Looking forward to meeting all of you, send me a message if you’d like to learn more!


Hello everyone, I’m Ryan

I am based in NY and run a shop specializing in artificial intelligence and blockchain. I’ve spent the last decade in frontier tech as I live on the edge. Our team is releasing a series of products to simplify and secure the trading process.

Looking forward to meeting everyone. Send me a message I’m always available for a discussion.