The Introduce yourself thread


Hi! My name is Lana. I’ve been into crypto just for a little while. I’m eager to always learn something new on technologies and trading so I would be glad to follow this forum to read, discuss and share :slight_smile:
Good luck, everyone!


Hello! Im Jan and I ve been working in a crypto sphere for a while. Im glad to join your community!


Hi everyone. My name is Medha. I am a novice Blockchain Developer. I have always been curious about latest technologies and enjoying crypto space these days. I stumbled upon cryptominded while looking for some material to get some guidance on identifying a path for my Blockchain career. I look forward to use cryptominded as a key site for it.


Hi All, My name is Hugh. I have recently fallen down the Crypto Rabbit hole :slight_smile:


Hi my name is Christian I have got into blockchain at a pretty early age the age of 14 approximately around 9 years ago. I am a entrepreneur and like to work on new ideas on improving blockchain technology.


Hello, guys! My name is Jenny. I’ve recently joined your community, but I’ve been exploring the world of crypto for some time now. I work as a translator, so in case you need a piece of advice, feel free to ask. As for my investment strategy, I decided to start trading, as it is a promising field. I use Binance and Bittrex but I am also looking for new platforms, as they might bring in some insight. F.e., I am waiting for GetEx to get launched, so if you’ve heard anything, I’ll be happy to hear your viewpoint.


Heyhey!I”m Isabella noviya.I am interested in the upcoming technologic trends, stay connected!! if you having any doubts related to blockchain, crypto, feel free to ask me,



Hi. Jan! What is your job in the crypto world? Are you a dev?


Hi to all guys!
I a newbie here, by the way, great forum :slight_smile:


Hey, new guy here. I’ve been hodling on crypto for 3 years now and I’ve decided to go back to day trading. Would love to know about different people’s opinions about the cryptomarket right now. I love all of this movement and deeply embrace the crypto ideals of privacy and equality.


Hi Cryptominded Community, I am James!

For the last 6 months I have been building a new crypto directory called CRYPTOSTAR.MONEY. I launched a couple of weeks ago with over 7000 businesses listed and I hope to start collecting user reviews soon.

I really need feedback from real users like yourselves. If you have a few minutes to spare please look at CRYPTOSTAR.MONEY and tell me what you think.

Thank you for your attention.


Hello everybody! Nice to meet you here)


Hi, My Name is Saladin and im in the blockchain sphere for more than 2 years now. By Profession im SEO Analyst and Marketer and working as Social Media Manager for a blockchain startup. This crypto community seems amazing and i am happy that i joined it. Part time investor on crypto potential projects.

Lets learn and contribute more towards CryptoCommunity by large.



my name is Ludi and I’m a blockchain translator from English to Indonesian.
I reside in Jakarta and I’m a native speaker of Indonesian language.
Cyrpto is an emerging market around Southeast Asia. Now our goverment also support blockchain development and permits futures trading of crypto assets in Indonesia crypto regulation

I’m also a telegram admin and ambassador from for Indonesia,
again its very nice to meet with you new crypto friend and blockchain enthusiast.

warm regards,



Hi Ludi,
Nice to meet you! I believe that Asia is a pioneer in the blockchain adoption! But so far it is about companies. How is it going with ordinary people?


HI all, i have just begin investing in currencies. Would like to get a better understanding of trading types. Hopefully, in time, I will be able to help others. Thanks all.


OG Crypto Trader Here. The forums seems kind of dead. How do you get invited to the slack?


I’m see Massive Crypto adoption !!! Not a bitcoin Fan .BTC is Miners Controlled coin .Luckily, Crypterium CRPT ATM will increase Mass adoption


Hello Everyone,

I’m Darshan, the co-founder and CEO at the Bank of Hodlers. We’ve been working on our product for about 6 months now and we’ve launched. Users will be able to deposit your Bitcoin, Ethereum, DAI and TrueUSD in a wallet and earn interest on these 4 tokens. We intend to support the top 15 tokens very soon.

You can also borrow against your cryptocurrencies on the platform. I’d really appreciate it if you could try the platform and share your feedback, thank you!




Hi, thanks for sharing !