The Introduce yourself thread


Hi all! I am a complete newbie to cryptocurrency and have just been given a project working with a cryptocurrency client so I’m doing my homework, researching, learning the terminology etc. I’m sure I’ll be asking questions in the coming weeks/months and communicating on various threads. Great to be learning about something completely new and interesting, if not at present, slightly overwhelming! Cheers :grinning:


Hello everyone, I’m Daniel.
I coming from Austria (Upper-Austria) and I’m invested in crypto since may 2017. A long time ago I’ve heard about Bitcoin but unfortunately I haven’t enough concerned with it.
Crypto is for me e very interesting topic with high potential to grow. Therefore I’m invested in crypto as a hodler. I alwais make wrong decisions in trading :wink:
I would like to meet more people which are invested in crypto and have knowledge in it. I think to interchange together is very important. So I’m also interested in meetups and events.
So, let’s make crypto great :blush:


Hello Cryptominded I’m Ranjana :

I discovered Cryptominded in May and had the opportunity to join this amazing community ! I’m always around in the slack, discussing about trading, news in the crypto world and sharing.


Good day to everyone here.

My name is Reid I am a market analysts and trader at RLT Atwood International. I am extremely passionate about blockchain and the future of cryptocurrency in general. I feel I can give good insight into the space as I study it daily. I would love to connect with like minded individuals who are also passionate about blockchain. I am glad I was able to hear about you guys and am looking forward to constructive conversations that will better the community.


Hey everyone!

My name is Thenuka, and I’m the Editor-in-Chief at a new cryptocurrency publication called You can visit our website for in-depth reviews and comparisons of exchanges, wallets, and other products/services in the crypto space.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I’m Timmy, and I’m so passionate about the block-chain movement that Ive invested in an online crypto currency gambling site. Please feel free to come have a look and try your luck.



Hi everyone, I am Aras from Trudia - a service provider for news validation.

Trudia wants to solve the underlying problems behind “Fake News” and “Filter bubbles” while enabling better media for everyone. Currently, we’re building neutral computer systems validating news and media on the internet. We’re about to launch our prototype into beta and looking for interesting journalists, video producers and bloggers to test our prototype.

Validating news that circulate around the blockchain technology and within the blockchain community - especially related to cryptocurrency - is one of our primary goals. That’s is the reason we joined the Cryptominded Community!

If you are interested in our project and/or have specific questions, please reach out!
Feel free to follow and contact us on facebook - -
and/or join our slack channel -


Hi fellow crypto hodlers!

I am pretty new to crypto. Learnt of cryto in early 2017, starting with Ethereum. I have been buying and holding onto mostly alt coins. The ride has been crazy in 2018 but im hodling on tight! I am interested in learning and discussing more on blockchain technology and the various benefits it can bring.

Looking forward to get involve in interesting discussions and any insights of where the market is heading in the mid/long term!


Hello, My name is Mark and I am in Adelaide, Australia. I am a keen Crypto follower in that I do some Mining as well as trading when I can. I am always keen to share & learn more as we move forward.
I currently mine around 8 coins and use profit switching to maximise returns. I have only been doing this for a short time after simply sticking with ETH. Electricity here in Adelaide is up to 40cents a KWH so its nasty and fine tuning rigs to run under max power etc has been a priority.
I will contribute the best I can based on my knowledge and look forward to the opportunities ahead.
Cheers, Mark


Hey Guys, my name is JJ i am from Jamaica. i got involved with crypto trading recently and i am a noob to say the least. Crypto excites me because it is so new and vast. i want to learn everything! im not much of an investor due to me not knowing what to do on trading platforms. i have my fair share of questions. i plan to day trade. i think the most exciting part is when the price goes up lol. i am ready and willing to take any and all advice so i can hopefully trade more efficiently. unfortunately i havent been to any meet ups, however i travel alot so i would attend if invited. could you guys point me to the best thread relating to new traders and strategies


HI my name is Andre

Really excited to get involved in discussions and hopefully learn a thing or two
I have recently started a crypto blog, so may share some content from there from time to time, hope you guys find it useful



Hello everyone,
I got into Crypto last year because it has algorithms and various encryption technique that puzzles me and I love puzzles.


When will i get Slack Id


Hey Elvis I could help with a very good offer


Hi! My name is Clemens :wave:t2:
I started to learn about blockchain/crypto in dec 2016. I wrote my bachelor thesis about "building and analyzing a crowdfunding-plattform based on ethereum. A huge effort to get used to and understand everything with just limited programming skills. In my introduction i wrote something like “eth price currently 12$” :roll_eyes: --> in the end i never invested, even though i was quite familiar with the underlying tech and had a profound understanding of what’s going on at the market.

Trying to change that, I want to improve my knowledge furthermore and be up to date.

Looking forward to lots of good discussions.
Cheers, Clemens


Hello everyone,
Im Tim from Houston, I’m new to cryptocurrency and hoping to learn alot from everyone. Im very interested in day trading and becoming good at it. glad to be here!


Greetings! Names Bob, been in crypto since 2013. ALTS are my favorite but mined some BTC when it was still possible for a hobbyist to do so. Still mining ALTS and investing in, and with, Bitcoin. Former programmer and Internet provider engineer and entrepreneur. Currently running a an IT department near DC.


Hi all, Marko here. I’ve been crypto enthusiast for couple of years now. Used to invest and mine, but nowadays I’m writing about cryptos, BTC and alt coins and block chain technology. I usually write for CryptoDetail, take a look at some of my articles when you have time.


Hey Guys,

Im from South Africa, really into the economic aspects that crypto can solve. Im massively into Bitcoin and a few alts. Been looking to join a few online communities and stumbled on this. Super keen to join the slack and get talking!


Hi everyone. I’m Andrew, and I was looking for a non specialised crypto chat room. Most of the telegram channels are often quite specific you a particular coin or idea. I just want a more general crypto fix! Also, to not take everthing so seriously. I’m here to learn and have fun.

I got into crypto just in time for the beginning if the bear run, but hey ho… only put in what you can afford to lose hey!