The Introduce yourself thread


HI !

I’m learning about investment, concentrating on trading, using crypto. Trying to distill some of the experience into software to help other people along the journey and reduce the risk.

Looking forward to distributed exchanges getting more traction.


Hey everyone :raised_hands:, my name is Ben

I am a blockchain developer from Israel and I am happy to join this community. I a co-founder of a blockchain related startup (which I would love to talk about) and also educate and speak about Bitcoin, blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity etc.
I love to help, share my opinions and have good discussions around blockchain (mostly techy stuff).
As for investments I don’t believe in day-trading. The best thing for me is to hodl :sunglasses:

Please feel free to contact me and I hope I will be able to take part in this community


I am a lover of solidity, ice cream, country music, hip hop and my family. With a background in software development, data analytics, research and science, my passion is to bring innovation to businesses and consumers with technology that makes a difference to solve real life issues.

I am a fan of crypto but I am a strong believer in blockchain technology. I am the CEO & Founder of my own startup developing blockchain solutions and decentralized applications.

I am a wife, a mom of a spunky toddler boy and a proud bonus mom to my step daughter. I love festivals, laughter, camping and karaoke. My motto is that we might not have it all together but together we have it all. I started a new podcast called CryptoRitas to help educate women from all walks of life in a fun and informative fashion in addition to hosting a monthly meetup in Atlanta where I live called the Women of Blockchain.

I look forward to learning, sharing and growing within this community.



Hi CM!

I am Kyle and I have always been interested in investments. I started learning on variable insurance and now I want to find out more on crypto currencies. I have clients asking about crypto but I am pretty new to it so I cant answer all of their questions.

I am looking forward to engaging discussions on how to trade, earn, and mine cryptos.



Welcome everyone! Excited to have you guys on board.


Hi i am pushpa and i am creazy about cripto coin and i am follow a coin last two years


Hello all. My name is Justin from South Florida, US. I have read and learn so much about crypto and exchanges and I am going to start investing very soon! I am hoping for suggestions and for people to tell me the pros and cons of different exchanges. I am especially interested in peoples experience with Decentralized exchanges!


Hi Everyone! My name is Ami.

I just started as a Community Manager (Looks like there are a few of us here. Hello!) for an AI company who is about to launch their ICO. I’ve been dabbling in crypto since the big “boom” last year, but this is my first journey into ICO’s and specifically a coin that is mission-driven and not just an alternative currency.

I’d love to learn from other Community Managers in the space, and from anyone who’s involved with a mission-driven altcoin.

Looking forward to getting more involved in the community!


Hello, I have a car repair garage in wales (uk).I have been involved with crypto for a couple of years and still find it new and interesting every day.


Hey Everyone,

My name is Jason, and I’m based in Atlanta, GA.

I’m a newbie to cryptocurrency, though I’ve been doing a lot of self-directed research the past month or so, and am looking to begin day-trading within the next week or 2.

I’m also interested in some investing and am looking at supporting technologies like blockchain (Blockchain Technologies BLKCF, currently) and am hoping to learn more about strategies there.

I’m constantly reading and researching about how the world really works and what reality really looks like. I’m motivated at the thought of moving away from fiat currencies controlled by corrupted governments and the disgusting and oppressive federal/world banking systems.

I’m here to learn how to better provide for my family by breaking away from the control of the entities mentioned above and to create new revenue streams (also looking for help on how to trade while working a demanding day job) and once educated and experienced, giving back to the community.

I’m an early 40’s newish husband and father of 2 young girls and an IT Product Manager by day.

Also interested in any meetup opportunities.

Looking forward to this experience!


Hello Everyone, I’m Anand

I am software developer from Chicago, IL. I used to contribute open source, one day one of the users wanted to thank me and asked for my bitcoin address for donation, that is when I started looking into crypto currencies, ever since I am amazed by every new project and what block chain and crypto currencies can offer, I am a huge fan of ethereum. I also built a unified trading platform and realtime crypto screener for trading across exchanges, it is free to use and you can take a look here If you want to add new screeners or trading strategy let me know I can help you add it.



Hi everyone. I’m Apoorv from India. I’m a software developer. Recently I have been learning ethereum and blockchain in general. I watched a documentary called banking on bitcoin, it’s amazing and came to know a lot about crypto through it. Hope to learn a lot from you all.


Hi Shaz here,
I hoined this community to learn and share knowledge on the ever ending crypto world :grinning:


Hello, folks!

Love to be here with you: My name is Marin, born 1975, have a master’s degree in business and management.

Back in 1995 I got licenced as a stock and commodity broker in Sofia, Bulgaria. At that moment the commodity market in Bulgaria was very weak and the stock market was practically non-existent.

It is quite different now: with the crypto market boom I can finally do what I dreamed doing when I watched Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas in Wall Street movie.

Anyway I am here to learn to trade coins: hope you can help me along the way :slight_smile:


I’m Matt. Venture Capitalist and CRE investor in the US.

I focus on cash flow in CRE and Building Technology in VC "(“BuiltTech”). Just here to learn and kick around ideas.


Hello everyone, I’m Michael, new to the game and want to learn both for personal and professional gains. Because of how poorly I did the first few months into crypto trading, my team and I decided to build an app that help alert us when to buy on various coins. It worked quite well and now we decided to share to get more feedback for improvements etc. all I know is that our algorithm alerted us 4 different coins on 3 consecutive days and they were all top 5 gainers on coinmarketcap ion, nxs, tx, kore.

CTracker is a FREE crypto trading bot that helps new and experienced traders make well-timed trading decisions. Our algorithm synthesizes real-time data and immediately notifies you at the right time to buy. It’s that simple!


Hi all!

My name is Dmitry Plushchevski- i’m CEO and founder - cryptocurrancy backed by gold.

GoldMint interested not only unique business model -with 2 tokens (commodity and utility), but we also developing new PoS blockchain and absolutely new machine- Custody Bot (it is blockchain connected ATM for physical gold, that can not only sell, but buy gold too).

You can ask me about:

  • perspectives of tokenisation commodity and why there is not a stable coin in crypto economy now?
  • the difference between classic ETF and Crypto assets. How we plan to secure our GOLD commodity token?
  • how does GoldMint team plan to increase MNTP token (our utility token)price in 2018? What marketing tools will we use?
  • top secrets of GoldMint ICO process. What have we achieved by 11.11.2017 and what comes after ICO is finished?
  • what is the “Custody Bot” ATM and how robots solve the problems of creatiing primary information in Blockchain?
    And other.

Best regards,
Dmitry Plushchevski


Hi I’m Tim and I joined 5 minutes ago.

Using I have investments in LTC and BTC. I have more funds coming in and am looking for further guidance on how I should invest long term. I also plan on dipping into alt coins via binance at some point in the future. Thanks in advance for all you help!


I’m a happy husband and is going to be a father soon, my name is Mike. Based in Netherlands, Rotta. I got interested in crypto as everybody talk about it and it seems a popular way to earn, as they say, “mine”. Wanna get an idea and see if it worth investing, hoope to learn from seniours on the forum. Always been a long-term investor, so perhaps it’s the time to try being a kind of day-trader. Most exiting is that there are uncointinuoud number of coins, and one can build his own, Would love to learn if someone who is a landlord having a family - succeeded mining some decent amounts to add to his income. Afraid I havent been to any events or meetups. Hope I’ll figure out if its all is my cup of tea…


Hi community members, myself Vikas from - a crypto tool for traders that gives you a set of best real-time trades between two cryptos. I am interested in crypto trading and in ICO’s.