The Introduce yourself thread


Hi! First post. Not sure if I’m doing this right, but here we go. The way the site is set up looks a little bit different than what I am used to. I clicked on the “reply” button to post this. Is that how this works?


Hello everyone,

I’m Carlos aka Marbella if you’ve been on the MSP tele chat. Have experience in Insurance, Real Estate and Invesments. I also hobbie mine from home crypto coins for sha, scrypt and some gpu algos.

Look forward to seeing this group grow.


HI! My name is SajidurRahman from India based in Saudi Arabia, I want to built a Crypto token Plate Form in the field of health alternative medicine (harbal), my aim is to keep the Doctor away to keep the disease away save and solve the global health problem, save huge hard money of common people which they spend in chronic diseases.


Hey there, I’m Mike - helping get started. We’re conducting a bit of research right now if anyone is interested in participating this short survey would greatly help us. Otherwise, if you are interested in getting help with your crypto taxes check us out!


Hey guys ,my name is Chris from Florida. I’m a middle school teacher who recently got involved with crypto currency as a result of some of my teaching colleagues. I have invested in BTC, and looking to invest in other currencies as well. My strategy is more toward long term, but I want to get some profits along the way. I’m interested on learning how to swing trades these markets. I know most investors aim at long term because they don’t have time, but if I can go in long term and cash in 10-15% every 2-3 weeks I will be happy. Thus, I’m looking forward to learn and participate with you all- happy investing and happy trading!


Hi Chris, try our app ctracker. It’s an app that look at the market real time and send out signals to users with recommendation on certain coins that is trending. If you want to signup by joining our telegram group and give me your email address on the next version that we roll out you’ll be among the first to know. We are looking to roll out a trading bot that allows you to trade automatically based on preferences too. The app is currently free but will change once we have the full product. Help provide feedback as you use it and you will get even better. Our website is Share our app with your friends, just last two day, Ethereum classic was trending from around 18 and now already in the mid 20s. Our future features will have AI learning to predict pricing.


Hello everyone, look forward to participating. I’m Steven Blinn, founder of [RadioYo.

I’m available to answer any questions you might have about RadioYo.

I also just finished a by-line for Medium, Knock, knock. Who’s there? Brush Fires. Brush Fires who? The Brush Fires you have to put out when coding your ICO Smart Contract, that I think you might enjoy as well.



Hello fellow crypto seekers. My name is James and I am a newcomer to the crypto arena. I’m reading a lot to understand how to invest in crypto currencies. I am seeking to know what, how when and where to invest small sums to get started. I work as a frac sand delivery driver in the west Texas oilfields. I appreciate any recommendations for reading or videos to help me get up to speed.[quote=“dylandamsma, post:16, topic:44, full:true”]
Hi Ian,

Welcome! We are happy to have you and let us know if you have any questions or things you’d like to get our thoughts on. Simply make a post.

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Hi Ian,
I would like suggestions on how to safely store crypto. I read about Cold storage wallets. Where can they be purchased?
Welcome! We are happy to have you and let us know if you have any questions or things you’d like to get our thoughts on. Simply


Hello everyone, Im Natalie from Stamford, U.K. Im quite new to the cryto world but im so enthusiastic and hyped about it as ever. Hope to learn a lot from all of you.


Hello I’m Avatar.I’m new to this site.I’m a professional trader and also a cryptocurrency adviser for some online companies.I joined this field when I was 18.But I still think there are a lot more to learn here.So I learn from everyone everyday.The only reason I’m here is to share my knowledge with you specially with beginners because its hard for someone to begin here.I trade on button,ethereum,futuro and bitcoin cash.And also I’m a trader at bittrex,poloniex,iq option.I worked as a forex trader and currently working as a crypto trader.If anyone want to know something about these fields just inbox me.Thank you.


Thanks Lam, I 'll give the app a try, and will check out your website!

I wish we had a live trading chat room for alcoins…

Thanks budd,


Thanks for allowing me to take this opportunity and join the Roundtable of everybody and of all the information I really appreciate it my name is Tristan how are you guys doing.


Hi there,

I’m Adam from Brooklyn, NY. Got into crypto trading during the winter run and have been hooked ever since. From books to YouTube tutorials, I can’t get enough lol. There’s just such an immense amount of info out there that’s been a bit overwhelming to tackle alone. Really looking forward to learning with the community and hopefully can contribute some of the things I’ve picked up along the way!


hi, im gianluca from italy and im the founder of asquare721 a new ERC721 token


Hey! Just wanted to make sure you got the podcast to post to your site that my team sent over.

Thank you! @dylandamsma


Hi team!)))

My name is Vadim Ivanenko!
I was serching for interesting crypto related websites with small, friendly and “cozy” community.

I am CEO and founder at Luft - Digital agency and CBD Partner at CryptoB2B.
I also work as ICO advisor in a few amazing startups.

Here you can learn a little more about thing I can help with:

Looking for friends)


Hey guys!

My name is Anthony. I’m a developer, writer, and entrepreneur out of Waterloo, Canada.

I’m working on HodlBot, which is an algorithmic trading bot that plugs into Binance and automatically diversifies your cryptocurrency portfolio into the top 20 by market cap.

I’m super interested in building software that enables traders to express their investment philosphy, as well as doing research on cryptocurrency index creation.

I’m looking forward to get to know you guys.

P.S. you can learn more about my project here:


Hi Cryptominded Community,
I’m always around in discussing about trading, news in the crypto world and sharing.I look forward to having amazing discussions with you all, and am always here to lend an ear or any advice I can offer!


This is awesome! DM me lets chat and talk about your project on my podcast.


Hi Cryptominded Community,
I am full-stack JS developer, and I’ve just started new Dapp