The Introduce yourself thread


Hello everyone I am Daryl AKA Digital green

I am based in Metairie Louisiana right outside New Orleans and have been researching, learning and investing since July 2017…

I feel this is one of the most educated community in crypto space and and I look forward to meeting everyone.


Hi, I am Wobberjack.

Enthusiast of blockchain for years, got into crypto late last year.

Am actively developing a platform for which I am recruiting.



hello everyone I’m efra

i’m from Indonesia, in south east asia. I am so interested about cryptocurrencies and trying to learn how to make profit with it. What excites me is some said that cryptocurrencies will take money place in every transaction, and the profit is really mind blowing. So i willing to join in order to learn something new and provide a good information, open to every discussion about cryptocurrencies, and very open minded. I would like to make a good friends who have a similar passion with me. Never in any meetups yet


Hi. My name is Ryan, and I am new to the concept of investing and trading cryptocurrency. One of the main reasons I joined this group at this time is because I am struggling with finding an exchange that meets a couple of specific criteria, and I thought maybe this group has some people who can help. Long story short, I created a Coinbase account over a week ago and have had a purchase restriction on my account since then. Coinbase’s support is awful, to say the least, and they have not resolved my issue. I am looking for an exchange that 1) allows for immediate purchasing if cryptocurrencies with a debit card, and 2) allows the user to cash out to USD from within the exchange. If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE let me know. This is an issue I’ve been battling for over a week, and as a result, I have yet to purchase any cryptocurrency. Thanks so much in advance for any help you responses.



Hi everyone, I’m Percy G. On the positive side, I’m conversant with some cryptocurrency concepts like DAG and Blockchain. On the other hand, I know nothing about the practicalities of buying, selling or setting up keys and wallets. I have just bought a Trezor wallet and joined Coinbase and could use help getting started.

I have spent the past two months watching my realtime bitcoin pricetracker, reading articles and realizing what a complex maze crypto is. A redeeming feature is that I’m enthusiastic about cryptocurrency, its applications and enjoy information exchange with like minded people.


Hello there I am Daniel,

I am just starting in the Cryptominded comunity since I read a post in Quora saying this was the best comunity ever. I am a Venezuelan living in the Dominican Republic, next week I shall be starting a job at a stock broker as a financial advisor. My career has been in industrial sales.

I’ve known about cryptos and Bitcoin specifically since the beggining but foolishly enough I didnt pay any attention. Then last year I wanted to buy a mining rig for Bitcoin and when I had to change it to BCH the price of BTC increased like 20%.

To make the story short I just went with the bubble and invested around 3k in a coule of alts. No rig.

I love blockchain technology and I think is going to be a disruptive technology, just like the internet. I think that’s why the establishment is nervous about it.

Now I want to learn how to daytrade cryptos and make it a profession to eventually live off it.

Thank you for creating this space to discuss and meet fellow cryptominded people.



Hey welcome!
Just wondering why choosing a Trezor?

You should definitively watch a couple of “cryptos/bitcoin for beginners” in youtube. There are a lot.

I think the best way is just doing it, if you already have coinbase, buy a small amount first to get the hang of it. Then depending on what you want to do with it (HODL, daytrade, etc) you should register in a couple of exchanges.

Also, find out about the projects that you feel passionate about, if you pick them right, they might make you rich ; )


Hey Ryan,

What kind of restriction are you taking about?
Usually creating a service ticket helps, they have lots and lots of requests.

An exchange with all those criteria is very hard to find. With coinbase you may manage the funds in and out of your card, but to exchange you need to work on a cryptocurrency.



Hi everyone - great to be a part of the community.

I am Gabriel, founder of, and also working in the Fintech Space.

From today the visual-programming bot for Crypto Currencies is online!

Very much looking forward to your feedback.

Drop me a DM if you want to discuss in private or want a 3-month free trial.

Happy trading!


Hi All, Awesome to be here.
Walt here been in BTC since 2015.
Hope to learn about TA and ICOs.
DM me if have good ICOs.


Hello everyone, I’m Bronson from Australia.

I’ve been heavily involved in crypto since early 2017. I’m a successful day trader and have been trading crypto for the last 3 months.


Hi all,

I’ve been present in crypto world for more than a year now, both professionally and personally. I have sworn to be HODLer since my trading decisions are not up to par so to speak. I let day trading decisions be made by bots/tools, which I’m developing in my spare time. They are much better with the decisions than I am. :wink:

Currently I would like to learn EOS ecosystem and what it comes with it, since it seems really interesting. Other than that I am excited to see how the future will unveil itself. Looking forward to talk about it with you guys!


Am really interested in Cryptocurrency because i have make a little benefit from it which i need to know the best cryptocurrency that can lead me to a millionaire in dollars.


how can u enlight me better


luno wallet for bitcoin and ethereum


Hi Everyone, I’m Malcolm. I am the founder of a crypto investment fund. We use the 0x protocol to diversify and rebalance funds. Hydra Investments!

I’m excited to use this channel to learn about what’s going on in the crypto space, how everyone is feeling about it and where we think it will go next!



Hi I’m Itoro! I’m honestly here to learn as much as cryptocurrency as I can.


Hey! I’m new to this as well. And I’m trying to find new people to help me with it! HMU!


Who are you and where are you based?
How did you get into crypto?
What excites you about cryptocurrencies?
As what kind of investor would you describe yourself? Long-term investor, day-trader or else?
What was your most exciting moment in crypto?
What would you still love to learn?
Have you been to any of our meetups, or events?

Hello, I live on the East Coast USA and got into crypto last summer when I bought a decent amount of bitcoin and ethereum. Later in the year I bought some Cardano, and even invested a little in an ICO called bezop that is a blockchain version of Amazon. There are a number of things that excite me about crypto. There is the obvious potential for explosive financial growth (and crash), but more importantly, I see crytpo and blockchain as truly transformative. It will provide some needed currency alternatives to the almighty US dollar, while delivering applications that eliminate the middleman (some of whom can be greedy and evil) through its anonymous decentralized controls. Even more exciting are the things that crypto and blockchain will do in the future that we have not envisioned yet. I am in this for the long-term and thus consider myself a YODLer (it’s like HODL but with a Y). I am looking forward to some interesting chats.


Hi I am Amit and I am passionate about Crypto and the future opportunities.