The Introduce yourself thread


Hello everyone! My name is Vlad.

I joined Cryptominded yesterday and already see so much benefit from lots of helpful information found. Very excited to join a community and meet you fine people and learn everything crypto.




My name is Einstein and i am from Nigeria


I’m Lina from PH. I would like to learn cryptocurrency accounting treatment. I’m glad Ihave found cryptominded community in Dylan’s YouTube video


Hi there, I’m new here


Hello everyone, I’m Matt Krause. A senior account manager at EASTSIDE FINANCE. I’d like to connect with you guys so we can share ideas and knowledge about crypto currency.


hello earth pit, how are you today


Hello Crypto Fam,

I am really exited to see this community just getting my feet wet as a day trader in the crypto industry looking to connect and meet people that way I can continue to trade and make the right choices.

Thanks again for having me.


Hi All,

Myself Madhu working Infosec professional and transitioning towards Roles of more Cybersec flavor

Feeling excited to join this great group



Hey Everyone,

I am Edwin and a blockchain and dapp developer. I love everything blockchain and cryptocurrency related and we are soon launching our own vault mobile app. I strive to one day be invited to the Cryptominded Slack channel


Hi, I am Jake a keen trader in forex and crypto, I was looking for some communities to discuss strategy and such :slight_smile:


Hello, everyone!
I am here to learn some information about cryptocurrency as I am thinking to obtain it soon.


Hi! My name is Lana. I’ve been into crypto just for a little while. I’m eager to always learn something new on technologies and trading so I would be glad to follow this forum to read, discuss and share :slight_smile:
Good luck, everyone!


Hello! Im Jan and I ve been working in a crypto sphere for a while. Im glad to join your community!


Hi everyone. My name is Medha. I am a novice Blockchain Developer. I have always been curious about latest technologies and enjoying crypto space these days. I stumbled upon cryptominded while looking for some material to get some guidance on identifying a path for my Blockchain career. I look forward to use cryptominded as a key site for it.


Hi All, My name is Hugh. I have recently fallen down the Crypto Rabbit hole :slight_smile:


Hi my name is Christian I have got into blockchain at a pretty early age the age of 14 approximately around 9 years ago. I am a entrepreneur and like to work on new ideas on improving blockchain technology.


Hello, guys! My name is Jenny. I’ve recently joined your community, but I’ve been exploring the world of crypto for some time now. I work as a translator, so in case you need a piece of advice, feel free to ask. As for my investment strategy, I decided to start trading, as it is a promising field. I use Binance and Bittrex but I am also looking for new platforms, as they might bring in some insight. F.e., I am waiting for GetEx to get launched, so if you’ve heard anything, I’ll be happy to hear your viewpoint.


Heyhey!I”m Isabella noviya.I am interested in the upcoming technologic trends, stay connected!! if you having any doubts related to blockchain, crypto, feel free to ask me,



Hi. Jan! What is your job in the crypto world? Are you a dev?


Hi to all guys!
I a newbie here, by the way, great forum :slight_smile: