We are live with our asset-backed lending product! Would love to hear your feedback on the same


Hi There

We’re a blockchain-based fintech company. We’re building a customer-centric banking solution on the blockchain. As of now, we have gone live with our asset-backed lending product.

With such a service, crypto-holders will be able to earn interest on their deposits.

For lenders, the interest rate on deposits is dynamic, and will be updated to them every week. They will be able to earn interest on 4 major tokens (lenders will soon have the option to earn interest on 10 major tokens).

People who want to borrow will have the option of borrowing DAI against Ethereum which is built on top of the MakerDAO protocol. Users will be able to borrow a loan at the click of a button at a governance fee set by MakerDAO. Bank of Hodlers won’t be taking any middleman fees. The option to borrow across Bitcoin, Ethereum, DAI and TrueUSD will open up very soon.

We will be available to answer all your queries related to the product, if any. We look forward to seeing you on our platform.

Sign up for our product here: https://app.bankofhodlers.com/register

The Team at Bank of Hodlers