Hello community.

We’ve been working on a recruitment platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain specialists for the past few months and went live last week. https://crypto-job.com/ We’re not trying to advertise our services or be spammy we just really need honest feedback from people who have experience, interest and knowledge in these areas. Please tell us everything you think about the platform - the good, the bad and the ugly, thanks a lot and have a great day!


Hello everyone, the new update for Crypto Job is out now!
a) We did our best to ensure that all the companies that post jobs on our platform are real and credible that’s why we added some quick but important steps to confirm the identity of a company.
b) We restricted the access to your CV only for the company for which you apply for a job. Your data is safe with us.
c) We added more recruitment options for businesses in order to give them more value and make the recruitment process quicker, easier and more specific to your exact needs.
d) First 10 businesses to register, confirm their account and post a job offering will be offered a free premium account to boost their visibility and attract more talent faster.