Week 4 - Weekly Recap & Community update


Tere crypto minded fella’s :wave: How has the start of your week been? We just came back from Tallinn, Estonia :estonia: with the Cryptominded team and we’ve been productive to plan the upcoming features and to re-open the community to new members. Here’s what went down last week and what to expect this week:

1. We have re-opened the community. :tada:
As you can see, we now have a discussion forum that we’ve connected to slack and we’ve built a new landing page (https://community.cryptominded.com) to invite new members into the community. People will be joining the discourse forum automatically upon registering on the landing page and after some engagement on the forum, they shall receive an invite to the slack community automatically.

The reason we’ve decided to start building a community around discourse, is because this is a much more scalable way of managing the community where we can have discussions over a longer period of time, are not restricted by slack’s limited functionality (this software is free and open-source, thus extendable) and discussions can be better organised.

With over 2000 members and many more on the email list, we figured Slack won’t help us scale this community in a sustainable way. On slack, conversations happen in real time, disappear and are then lost for people joining in the next day. Therefore we’ve decided to set-up this discourse forum. We hope you’ll enjoy the discussions here and of course you’re more than welcome to keep chatting on slack. We intend to use the forum for more thoughtful discussions that can last over longer periods of time (i.e. days/weeks) and use the slack for daily chatter/banter. :speech_balloon:

2. The Cryptominded team has met in Tallinn, Estonia :estonia:.

6 months ago, I started Cryptominded as a hobby project, and then since September have started working on this full-time. However, I wouldn’t have been able to do all of this alone. The community has offered me a lot of support and provided me with motivation and energy to pursue this.

Equally grateful am I to the moderators who help maintain the quality on our slack community and now soon the forum as well. But, besides that, there have been a few key people who’ve been critical in the development of Cryptominded (not all mentioned below). Both @ben & @viclim have been helping me a ton with developing new features on the site (and many more to come) and @barry has been supporting me both mentally and through providing his time helping manage new resources on the website and helping me with writing the upcoming course(s).

We spent 4 days together in Tallinn and had a wonderful time working on re-opening the community, discussing the coming year and what we’re going to build for the community (and how we will monetise it, hopefully in a way you guys appreciate) and bonding over way too much food and good whiskey. Thank you for the amazing week guys!

3. CryptoBeers in Tallinn was an insane success(!) :scream:

Wow, wow… wow. A week before going to Tallinn, we figured that because we didn’t have much time to promote, we should keep the event simple. So I called a bar and made a reservation for “approximately 20 people or so”. On Thursday I published the meetup.com & facebook event page and asked some people to share it. On Monday I had a shock when I opened Facebook and saw that almost 70+ people RSVPd! I called the venue and asked them how many people they could host, 125 or so they said. After some discussion, they agreed to letting us use the bar as the event venue and they would not take any reservations for that evening.

1 hour before the event, 220+ people had RSVP’d and another 560+ had marked they had interest in the event… numbers we’ve never seen before!

We were at the bar a bit late and saw some people were already there for the event, but then at 7pm (when the event actually started) I was shocked… People started streaming in and within half an hour the entire bar was packed. PACKED. Everyone was there talking about cryptocurrencies, ICOs, mining, etc. and we had a great time :slight_smile:

Here are some pictures (p.s. we need to work on our photo skills at events :smiley:). Though, the pictures weren’t taken when the bar was overcrowded, so they barely represent how busy it really was!

If you’re interested in organising a cryptobeers event in your city, send me a private message! We’d be happy to help, provide you with a t-shirt and help promote.

4. Cryptominded Merchandise
We’re planning to sell merchandise soon, but face some problems accepting payments. We will keep you updated. Until then, let us know your order here: https://cryptominded.typeform.com/to/b2XLn2

Question of the week: What do you guys think of the new forum and community landing page? :slight_smile:

Have a great week trading, investing & having fun. More good news next week!


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