What do you think of Cryptoassets?


I’m kinda curious of what do you guys think of Cryptoassets? I don’t have much idea about it, It was just a topic at work wherein you can collect, sell or trade these assets by using cryptocurrencies as your mode of payment.

For those who doesn’t have an idea, here are some examples:

  1. CryptoKitties - http://bit.ly/2BxaPRi
  2. BitPet - http://bit.ly/2Eu0kQs


I think these are great proofs of concept for digitization of assets - I think this is just the beginning.
An example I love to use is land deeds -emulating real property, a blockchain could have a property smart contract ascribing specific properties and how they operate (for example, you would only want someone to adjoin two pieces of land that are contiguous) based on jurisdiction. Once this is complete, the blockchain facilitates a decentralized and efficient market for land ownership.

Lots of places are experimenting with this, but most noteably Sweden:

I wrote a bit about the subject for my company: