What's the best cryptocurrency to invest in today?


I’d like to know what’s the best cryptocurrency to invest in today, why and how!

Thank you.


That’s a dangerous question, and the answer? NONE of them. The reason I say this is, if you are asking this question, you probably have not done enough research to really understand why you are putting your money behind one of these currencies or tokens. My suggestion to you is to NOT INVEST until you know more about the crypto market than the majority of all your friends and family. Then and only then, would I suggest that you START to think about investing, but STILL don’t do it. I am a seasoned veteran from the Penny Stock days when the NASDAQ took it’s monumental run in the year 1999, leading into 2000. I am an expert at technical analysis, so I know how to read the charts and combine those hints with good fundamental analysis in order to decide on what to buy, and I STILL make huge, monumental mistakes. I’m under water right now, as they say, which means that if I sold everything today I’d have less than when I started. At one point I was up over 500% for my entire portfolio. The crypto market is unpredictable, mean-spirited, cruel, and unrelenting. Stay away from it unless you are betting with money that you don’t mind losing. This is my best advice for you. Heed the warning.


Here are my thoughts:

(1) first gen: bitcoin…shot up to $20k in dec…now hovering around $7k…i bought some last summer for $3k…bitcoin is a dumb coin in that it is all about the transfer of currency plain and simple…it’s the original so it has the greatest network effect (huge adoption by not only the whales but also the unwashed masses…hence a huge market cap with lots of daily trading so it’s very liquid)…given it’s dumbness and the fact that there will only be 20MM coins mined by 2030 (with 4mm missing), there will be only 16MM. its scarcity, security, ease of transfer and storage make it ideal as a store of value (put your money into it and then convert some of it via an exchange like binance into altcoins for buying goods and services that you need now). millennial internet gold per se. if you see it that way and compare it to the value of gold then it would be estimated that bitcoin will go to $400k per coin.

(2) 2nd gen…ethereum…ethereum is like bitcoin only it has smart contracts which make it a smart coin in that you can transfer ethereum with strings attached before the transfer goes through…let’s say you are selling an song and there are 2 artists one of whom deserves 75% and the other deserves 25%…with the smart contract when the order goes through for $1, 75cents goes to artist one, and 25cents goes to artist 2…pretty smart…lets say you are selling a high ticket item for $25k…the buyer wants to ensure the item is legit…the seller wants to make sure the buyer has the funds before it ships…with a smart contract you can set up an escrow account on one end and a shipping agreement on the other so that both parties are fully satisfied before the payment is ultimately transferred…ethereum also has an excellent network effect and is number 2 in terms of market cap. because of these attributes, there are lots of new ICOs that are tied to the ethereum platform which builds on the overall value of ethereum…one such ico is datablockchain.io…i recommend that you check it out as it solves a problem in the marketing industry

(3) 3rd gen: cardano…the ex-ceo of ethereum charles hoskinson started cardano knowing all of ethereums weaknesses…so consider this to be ethereum on steroids…i’m no expert in programming but if you are a programmer you would rather program in the cardano than the ethereum…cardano uses haskell which makes it easier for programmers to prevent bugs and fixing bugs and holes. lots of other bennies…so cardano is really a superior smart contract platform…however, it came out later in the game so the network effects are not so pronounced. however, the japanese banks are big into cardano so give it some time, but i see great things for cardano… cardano is also a top 10 crypto so it still has a solid market cap


Investments within the crypto space must be taken from a risk management position. The markets are very profitable and yet very volatile. There isn’t one magical coin to invest in today that will gain profit over the next 6 to 12 months. We are in a downward market cycle as of now, but in this space it could switch in a moments notice.

With that said I would encourage you to learn exactly what blockchain is and how it works from a technical perspective. Investments within this space can only be made once confirmation of trend as been established. Buying Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ether right now could create a massive loss for you today. Once again there is no coin that is the perfect coin to invest in, thats like asking what stock is gonna go 100 percent in the next 3 weeks, no one knows exactly when or what it will be.

In conclusion there is no answer to your question, youtube and google are good resources for learning exactly how to convert fiat into crypto. As to what coin you should buy I dont think anyone wants to give an answer. This form is a great place to learn more so you can better position yourself within the market. Good luck, feel free to message me if you want more detailed data on blockchain.


In 2019 EOS is the best coin to invest for me


I believe that Ripple will shoot this year, as the company has a great plan of integration of their payment system.


I guess EOS will go far during 2019, who has the same opinion?


I’ve read about EOS, XRP, TRX and LTC to be the best coins for 2019.


i have the same opinion as you:)


Will you guys invest in any one of them? Or better wait a little bit and see if the market stabilizes?


I’m still waiting, I’m not sure that’s the right stance, though. I’m spending my time now getting more knowledge of those coins.


Lots of opportunities out there to invest in. People might tell you to wait it’s a bear market. But y thoughts (warning not a financial advisor), now is the best time to get in - as long as you plan to hold your tokens for a long time.

Take a look at the current tokens, check out some of the new ones. Yes BTC, ETH and a few others are rather reliable, so these are your safer bets. If you’re a risk friendly individual, younger, and can afford to lose a little. Check out some of the new “integration” focused products. MXC looks good - some good announcements, upcoming integrations, though little slow on development.

Check them out, DYOR and only invest if you could survive without the money for a long time.


As for roadmaps and TA, I think Ripple is the best, as it brings value to the society! But there are more and more new coins, who knows maybe they will bring up something interesting to the table!


Great to hear it :smiley: :+1:


But XRP is accused of being too centralized. Don’t you think so? And it actually brings value to the banks, not to the people.


I have invested in EOS because I just like this project, I think it is a good time because the price is low


That’s why people love XRP because this coin is not for individuals but for institutions and banks


But it’s controlled by one company. What do you think?


Why exactly do you like it?


I like XRP because it has low fees and high scalability