What's the best cryptocurrency to invest in today?


How should I understand the word “scalability” in the economic sense? Please explain. I mean how does it work for us? When do we actually feel it?


By the way, there are so many notorious rumors on xrp. Especially, the ones that are related to its centralized nature controlled by Ripple. What do you think of it guys?


Speaking of banks, it facilitates people’s lives as well, I think because with faster transactions they don’t have to wait for so long


THat’s a good question! There are different meanings, but speaking of finances, let me share with you a quote:
" In financial markets, scalability refers to financial institutions’ ability to handle increased market demands; in the corporate environment, a scalable company is one that can maintain or improve profit margins while sales volume increases."


I agree that some experts find it flawed. This article explains the situation better


Well, we are all bound to be ruled by corporations. I’ve always known that, so I’m not sure of a decentralized future of crypto now as well.


We’ll see how it goes. Maybe decemtralization can help economies


In simple words, scalability is: for example, Visa manages about 1600 transactions per second, while Bitcoin does only 7, therefore Bitcoin is not that good in terms of scalability. To work faster and do more transactions per second Bitcoin need to solve the problem of scalability


There are many other coins which have solved this problem already


I hope too, 'cause EOS offers new perspectives for many dapps, and I’m sure its audience is going to grow!


That’s a very good number for Visa!


People have a lot of variants of earning money. Cryptocurrency became very popular today, so there are a lot of questions from the newcommers like how to start. To my mind, the first step is finding of trading software, first of all, bot like 3commas that will do all the boring work for you while you relax.


I’m afraid the least newcomers are interested in is bots :slight_smile:


Do you know such coins? Because I don’t know them


Do you use bots in day trading?


What coins? Sorry, I don’t remember what we’ve been talking about.


I’ve heard about something like trading signals - don’t know if it’s the same bots


In 2019 I strongly recommend you to invest in XLM and Ripple.


Really? Why XLM and Ripple?


We have been talking about the problem of scalability. Do you know coins without this problem?