What's the best cryptocurrency to invest in today?


Well, it’s obvious but there are many other coins to take a look at


Stable coins actually :slight_smile:


I think these are two separate things: bots and signals. Signals make bots trade on your behalf


Why only these ones?


But stable coins are not cryptocurrencies


Wow, isn’t that risky? Have you tried anything like this?


How come? :slight_smile: Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies designed to minimize the volatility of the price of the stablecoin, relative to some “stable” asset or basket of assets.


Stablecoins are worthless, especially as an investment. They aren’t supposed to increase in value. If you put 100 dollars to buy 100 stable coins, how are you going to make profit? They arent real crypto. They are a digital representation of fiat. Just like how fiat is supposed to be a representation of gold, which it no longer is. Stable coins are the same as fiat, worthless. And they have to prove they are backed by fiat in the first place. With Bitcoin you have proof of work, which gives it value. With a stablecoin you just say I have 200 million dollars backing my 200 million stable coin that I just issued out of thin air.


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They are good for making transactions surpassing banks, though


I still don’t believe that stable coins are cryptocurrencies


Why not? They are digital money with encryption of information, just that they are tied to the dollar


If everyone starts avoiding banks, they will have to adopt crypto as well)))


This is too much of an advetisement


yes, that is why i can’t call it a true cryptocurrency


They are pegged to USD usually but yet they are crypto by their nature


Sure, but it’s a different story to tell


But crypto is not about independence only it’s about design. This way you can also say that any ethereum based token is not a cryptocurrency either cause it’s still dependent


Only for one reason?


This reason is enough for me