What's your crypto forecast for 2018?


I’d be curious to know what you guys expect the market will do this coming year. Do you foresee a bear market or do you think it’ll bullish throughout? What’s your price expectancy? And why do you think that?

Q: What is your forecast for 2018?

  • What’s your price & market cap prediction?
  • Do you foresee any major events?
  • How do you see regulation working out?

Personally, I think this year will see a slow down in price-increase, it won’t be so crazy as last year, but overall adoption will keep increasing. I am however slightly afraid many of the current top-20 tokens are way overvalued and we’ve some looming dangers like Tether hanging over us. It’d be interesting to see what happens that pops. Nonetheless, I have a positive view on the adoption for 2018 and hope that will keep upwards pressure on the price.


Huge things coming this year I think!

  • Total market cap breaks $1 Trillion, probably within 6 months (more than double where we are today), maybe gets close to $2T by end of year.

  • We see the first mainstream use of a decentralized protocol challenging existing centralized companies. Storj, FileCoin, Golem are all examples of possible breakout tools.

  • We see decentralized exchanges (DEX) gain ground against centralized exchanges.

  • We see new stablecoins come to displace Tether. Tether is already shaking, hopefully the new stablecoins will come soon enough to let the market diversify before Tether crumbles.

  • Regulation will have a huge hit on currencies specifically, but utility tokens will mostly be fine under regulation, and will see more money rolling in.

  • I will make lots of bad trades :joy:


Hello Barry,

I like to ask you if you know about any stablecoins might come thru this year. I am regularly using Tether.
Why do you think that Tether is shaking?
Thank you


@CryptoWorld well Tether and Bitfinex are currently under investigation by the CFTC, so if the investigation goes poorly that would probably end up with Tether being relatively worthless:

Augmint, Basecoin, TrueUSD are just a few examples of possible alternatives, but who knows who will win! Here’s a good overview on stablecoins in general:



XRP to be put on halt by btcxindia on 5th march. View the news on http://crryptonews.blogspot.in/2018/02/btcxindia-to-halt-xrp-trading-from-5th.html



I see a big wave in ethereum platform based ICOs. as a platform for ICOs, ethereum’s smart contract middleman-eliminating blockchain is highly attractive. i have a background in marketing and have familiarized myself with an ico called datablockchain.io that seems exciting…it has an erc token on a platform that enables sales professionals to go online and buy leads, similar to Salesforce’s data.com or Infogroup’s SalesGenie. However, datablockchain.io has much greater potential since the smart contract ethereum based blockchain platform provides for a system that data providers can truly trust when it comes to receiving instant and accurate payments on data usage. As a result, this platform is likely to attract more data providers resulting in a marketing data offering that surpasses data.com or salesgenie in terms of coverage, quality, and cost.